Token Belyer


ESNN-10 prologue characters – main character


When ESNN-10 space station was first established by Knudhy as neutral space to see if humans were compatible with Knudhy, Token Belyer, who was deemed old enough, experienced enough in leading large groups through his military career, believed his nation’s intentions were embarrassing. But in military, you go where you are told.

Token was not part of the groups that made first contact with humans, but he was set as the chief over the station because he could be sacrificed for better good. His family had not been happy for his refusal to take part in mating rituals for his people and to cover the little embarrassment up, his family forced him to take the place. To be useful at least that much.

As both humans and Knudhy had different education, they began by evening out the knowledge on each other. Token is not happy that he is pushed into the program as well for his high status in his own society would have no matching partner for the experiment, as both humans and Knudhy partnered up for classes and group works and according to Knudhy hierarchy laws, a higher ranking Knudhy could only work with his own rank. Which did not stop humans from going through the charade of creating one. Just for him. How… human.

So instead of quiet time spent in space dealing with his station’s daily problems, he suddenly had to deal with partnership for schooling too despite already gone through his schooling. However, as he had yet to go through the maturing process publicly, his own culture treated him as perfect for this game.

The game worked and to both shock and surprise, the man, who once believed he was cursed by nature, got far more than he bargained for. After official marriage, to witch both sides looked at with horror and promise of peace, he settled on Feher together with his new wife until few years later, when the humans requested for ambassador meeting on the ESNN-10 once more to renew the alliances.


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