Thorwald Warwick Bishop


Gargoyle– main character
other stories – supporting character


Law man for hire, Thorwald Warwick Bishop is not what he seems on first glance. With his modern looks that do nothing to tone down his gangster image, one would not think this order following gargoyle is actually chief of his clan, third by age.

His clan is growing steadily and he puts a lot of effort to keep it like that, to keep them safe and to keep food on their table. He knows leading them alone is not easy, so he has used his right to have the wiser men in the clan to help him. Thinking things through with them is much easier than to rack your own brain to pieces.

Leading his clan is not his only job. To keep the food on the table means every member of the clan has to give an effort and even children have obligations. Given, not outside the nest and aside their usual playtime and study sessions. He works mostly for Griffin, or if not under his contract, he is often hired by Lords Council to catch a criminal. He often works with three other chiefs of other species with whom they manage to be quite the force to reckon with.

He was married once to Sulry, whom he respected greatly, but had no broods with. She died through Griffin’s hands when the entire clan was hired for a mission and she made a mistake that caused Griffin harm. As the mistake was through rebellion against her orders while under contract, she was killed as an example for them all. And as they were under contract, there was nothing they could do. Laws are not just for the species, who lost the war. But he never forget nor forgave the bastard. Still, it took nearly a decade to revenge his beloved.

After his last mission under Griffin’s orders, who was doing it for Lords Council, he dedicates his life on keeping his clan safe once more.


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