Petro (10)


Snowflake Circus – supporting character.


The only boy in the Trinity Grace Orphanage, who had a girlfriend. Very short, very tragic romance that lasted only until first grade. All was fine and they parted their ways as friends, but as neither of them knew how to write, they could not become pen pals and that was the end of their short-lived love. The end.

Petro considers himself to be wiser than he is and never seems to find his volume button when talking in crowds. He tends to be loud, but Laura suspects it’s because he never seemed to have enough attention when he still lived at home. Probably why he started pickpocketing in the first place. Which lead to his problems with authorities, for who can love a copper, who keeps snatching you up for misdeeds? When he was caught fourth time, he was removed from his parents, whom Petro has no good words for, and taken to the orphanage. “Don’t let them intimidate you” is his attitude towards police and although others he can almost tolerate now, police has always been his sore spot.

He has tendencies to explore his surroundings, often showing up home late. He still does that while at the orphanage, but he made an effort at Trinity Grace Orphanage to change himself as he liked the nuns looking after them. Which is why, when he gets in trouble at the camp, he finds it hard to forgive himself for disappointing Maksim for he fears the way the businessman looks at him affect how he sees Laura. One for all and all for one has never been his forte, others should not be affected by his decisions at all.


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