Meredith Warren


ESNN-10 prologue characters – main character


Meredith was chosen for the educational exchange program with Knudhy to represent an image of an average girl from the planet Earth. Low-class Cindy, as they called her. She did not choose to be part of the program herself, nor did she apply for it. It was her grandmother, who is obsessed about immortalizing her name through her grandkids.

So one day her family grouped up and let her find out on TV that she was chosen to receive god knows how many earthly titles to match up whoever up there was waiting for her to join the program for there was one very… mighty. Except her brother, who was not grandma’s favorite. When she finally met the mighty, she realized soon she wasn’t the only one forced there without much choice.

She could pull it off though, she kept telling it to herself. Yes, she’d been given the titles, but nobody expected her to follow the customs coming with them in space where there were was no room for old time traditions. She did receive a handmaid though, a woman not much older than she was, who was to become her confidant and act out her needs and wants. She still kept everybody on arm’s length and refused to reveal more than expected.

She is talented botanic. She took a collection of different plants from earth to study their growth and survival in space and she received a small hothouse to help her work.

When she saw that Token was not in much better position than she was, her resentment towards the Knudhy retreated and she began actively meddling with his time to get him to at least talk to her. It made her feel closer to him than with anybody else part of the program and when their little incident turns both their lives upside down, they end up solving it together. The result is a marriage worth history books and moving her entire life to Feher with her new husband.

But then the humans declare they want to renew their alliances as politics have changed and while back on ESNN-10, she learns she has a sister, who is now also on the station and things don’t seem so fine any more.


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