Kyle Darves


Bar Fight – main character


Kyle Darves is an ex convict, who had a chance for new start and he took it.

When he was fifteen, he joined a group, where he learned to con people out of their livelihood. He left the group few years later, realizing if he stayed, he’d end up as drug addict and it scared the hell out of him. After laying low few years and constantly moving between countries and cities, he finally lands in Los Angeles, where he happens to swindle a rich businessman. The problem was, he lost the gamble and ended up in institution for the next two years. Being a bigger man, he was chosen to participate in illegal cell fights – skills he never leaves to rust.

When he got out of the prison, he wondered around for a year, searching himself and accepting the fact that something has to give and change or he’ll end up back in prison, probably fighting for his life again. He ends up in a slowly dying bar called Purple Frog kept by young couple from his past, Swick and Joselyn Hartman. They grew up in the same neighborhood. They take him in and help him out of the gutter with Swick offering him a job as a bouncer while he teaches the man, who is only slightly younger than him, the business of show barman. After a year they put up performances and offer a show at the Purple Frog, but it isn’t enough to save their business.

Kyle develops a gambling problem by the time they are really hitting the bottom. He hopes to win enough money to help financing the new place. So one day he meets this guy, Gilbert Hawks and they decide to play poker. It is pure chance that the man, sure of his winning hand, tosses in the deed for a bar on the ESNN-10 space station he’d just got. To his bad luck he loses and Kyle gets the bar. Leaving no chances, he takes the deed to Hartman, they pack up and leave for new life without asking, where he’d got it in the first place. It was their chance, so they took it, becoming partners for earnest.



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