Kaspar (8)


Snowflake Circus – supporting character.


Sent around between foster homes with one sobby story after another, Kaspar ends up in Trinity Grace Orphanage as last resort. Sometimes he wonders if perhaps he is cursed for the three years he’d “traveled” – he likes to refer to that time of his life as traveling – for one reason or another he only spent up to half a year in one place before he continued his trip.

It wasn’t because there was something wrong with him. It was bad luck all combined with bad timing and since then he prefers to live in the orphanages than be taken to homes where the family would bestow on him their complete love only to take it away again. It has turned this charming little fellow into one skeptical small grownup. He was devastated when after three years at Trinity Grace Orphanage the place was closed and the family he had grown close to spread across the land.

So when Laura sends him the invitation to the camp, the orphanage sees a completely changed boy amids themselves – full of joy, happiness and raw sense of need to see his brothers and sister again. He knows it is only temporary, but for once he wasn’t sent back and forgotten. His family sent for him. That on it’s own is worth more than anything to him. He has a family.


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