Jocelyn Hartman


Bar Fight – – supporting character


Jocelyn is a feisty little woman, who likes order in both her personal life and her business. It’s why the boys, Kyle and Swick, left the monetary part of the deal to her. She loves it.

She grew up with Kyle and Swick, living in the nearby houses on the same street. They weren’t buddies, but they knew each other and thus when Kyle showed up in their bar Purple Frog by accident one nasty autumn night, her husband convinced her to lend a hand and help the fellow out. For old time’s sake, she did, putting up with all the troublesome times, getting clean and dealing with all the overflowing backlash that seemed to follow Kyle.

She was very happy when Kyle showed up with the deed on the bar in ESNN-10 station. And she was the one, who decided the offer was too good to let go or to question. The loans were getting on them and the only way to cover them would have been to sell the house and the bar they were living in, which would have left them with pretty much nothing. With this she could end the old ordeal and start anew with the two people she loved the most in the world.


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