Jevgeni (11)


Snowflake Circus – supporting character.


“There are too many tragic stories without me telling mine.”

Jevgeni never smiles unless it is to offer support to his brothers or his sister, but he knows his sister doesn’t need his smiles. She understands if he doesn’t do the whole clown routine.

He was only six years old when he was forcefully removed from his parent’s house and taken to the hospital. Too young to understand what was going on, but old enough to know what one human being could do to another, especially to someone, who was not equal in strength. He never talks about his parents, nor his home, but this unfortunately does not mean he does not remember. For how can you forget if you are reminded of the events of that time every day at 9 am and 9 pm when he takes in a cocktail of four pills to keep the STI his uncle gave him at bay?

He was molested by his uncle, who was living with their family when he was mere toddler. When his kindergarten teacher could no longer ignore the boy’s injuries, she called in the social worker, who notified both the police and the hospital. Until then he’d been living in almost utter silence, scared of his parents finding out and uncle’s wrath, he could fool anybody of being mute.

At first he was returned to his family, but his mother couldn’t bare seeing him as it kept reminding her what her brother did, so soon after that he ended up at the orphanage. The frustration that caused in him has made him very open about his STI, explaining it to people as fact of life. For him it is.


He is very protective of Joni, whom he visits every other day on his way from school to back to his own orphanage to spend time with him. Jevgeni sees Joni as his personal blessing and if he would explain it, he’d say the baby was a gift meant for him. He is his little sunshine, a pure flower, untainted by anything for he had no tragic past like others in the orphanage aside him being abandoned in the hospital. A boy without family, who could taint him. So to Jevgeni he is a miracle he never tires of watching at.


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