Fredrick Kilger


Coffee Shop – supporting character
Third Law – supporting character


A chemist at Henri Lochen Methylene Blue Group, he was one of the first to figure out the effects methylene blue had on human life’s expectancy, but couldn’t get the formula right before they brought in Ida Smirnova. It worked on mice and thus he offered it out to Dr. Lochen to test it on humans. Back then, it was an easy decision as they hoped it would help with war effort. When he met his old colleague, Mykola Bedrišek, he offered him to test it out on him as he would have little help from the era’s medicine. As it was also the time, when experimenting using your own body was common, although frowned upon, he began taking the methylene blue too.

When the group was dismantled, he moved in Sandlewoods with Bedrišek and Ida Smirnova to continue creating the medicine. The clever woman had tricked them so they couldn’t develop it without her knowledge. They saw nothing strange about this development until Frederic realized Ida had stopped taking the medicine herself.

It wasn’t until Fredrick met Evelyn Helder and became her confidant did he understood that without Ida’s part of the formula he stood little chances to wean himself off the drug safely, thus he kept it silent when he did stop taking the medicine and succumbed to his his faith.


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