Ergo (10)


Snowflake Circus – supporting character.


The opposite twin of Petro, Ergo is the balancing force for the outspoken boy. At first glance one would say it is Petro, who has the lead, but then you’d hear Ergo say something and Petro retaliation towards whoever he was rebelling against, die down. They’re hardly friends, often fighting each other with fists and claws, yet they are quick to form a single wall against any threat set against them. Petro is his brother.

Ergo ran away from home when he was in first grade. He still has hard time reading, which is not helpful with his schoolwork despite tirelessly working on it. It is leftover fear from his first grade and has nothing to do with skills. He managed to travel to Sandlewoods somehow and spend there a full year on the street before the police picked him up. When they contacted his family, it turned out his family was rather happy to be rid of him and thus the boy was sent to the Trinity Grace Orphanage instead.


Since he has lived alone in the new orphanage, he often writes with Petro, criticizing his traveling plans with the little information he gathered on the streets. Mostly to keep Petro from running away. Petro looks up to him for the courage to run away, which he himself sees as big stupid mistake, and he sees no problem using it in his advantage to manipulate the boy to stay.



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