Anton (9)


Snowflake Circus – supporting character.


The eye candy of his class, the dark haired boy with thick eyelashes and Spanish genes somewhere in his family, is determined to become a biologist and marry the prettiest girl in the whole school. When asked, how would he knew if he was still in the same school, he decided it didn’t matter what school it was, as long as the girl would be pretty. Laura has no doubt he’ll change his mind when he crosses his path with his one, but she isn’t crushing his hopes now.

Anton lost his parents in a car accident when he was four, but being the child of an elderly couple, his own grandmother, by then a 90-year-old woman, had to admit she was too old to care for boy at such a young age. His grandmother often visits him in the orphanage and he is the only one, who was left at Moonmace after closing of their orphanage so he could still see his grandmother.

He loved to collect things when he was at Trinity Grace Orphanage. He is naturally curious and can’t help the urge to set things, order them up and organize them. He can’t do much of it in his new orphanage, but Laura knows he hasn’t lost the urge and instead of big nature collections he loved to hide at Trinity Grace’ attic, she has urged him to collect stamps instead. Which he all hides between the pages of monstrous animal anatomy encyclopedia. It has cross sections of bugs in it!



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