Tessa Belyakov


Snowflake Circus – supporting character.


When Tessa married to Belyakov family, she had no illusions of her position in the family. She was a trophy wife, through and through. When Alik proposed after their six weeks of dating, of course she said yes. Who wouldn’t? Man worth more than she could ever dream of? That was ten years ago.

They both entered the contract, as she likes to think of it, with open hearts and brains intact. For a long time she was sure there was no love between them and it made her very insecure. She got picked up for her looks, she thought, and thus she focused on it religiously, scared to let her man to travel alone, for the jealousy she harbored for whoever he would meet on his travels was eating her alive. Until at some point she realized that there never was anybody else. When she finally confessed her jealousy, their interaction changed and somehow it evolved to what it is now – complete and utter trust for each other. Fighting for each other, as it is the way of two tigers they are according to Chinese calendar. She might look fragile and is often compared to light fairy, but she’s nothing you would find in misty forests.

When she first meets Laura, she recognizes herself in her and for a moment, her heart jumps – are both brothers the same? In which case, she would do anything to keep the young lady from repeating her mistake. When she meets kids though, she is taken back, new thoughts rising their head in her pretty head. And why not? She isn’t that old yet not to think of the ways of family and differently from Alik, she has seen her husband aside and knows he would not repeat the mistakes of his parents.


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