Snowflake Circus – supporting character.


Every home has a soul, someone, who takes care of it while others run around the world and hope to make a better life for them. To Belyakov, the soul, who takes care of the place of their beloved summer memories is Urmas.

Urmas was born… well, long time ago. It was between two wars, but as most of his personal documents were lost during the World War II, when he was mere toddler, then he really has no idea. He received his second birth certificate when he went to first class, but as by that time there were no one left, who would know the exact time, his older sister just made something up. Not many happy memories there.

He spent most of his life working in a farm, either in collective farm under soviet reign or in private farm that belonged to Belyakov family. He met Maksim’s father when he was already middle aged man. When his wife died, he asked him to come and live with them, help keep the farm. So he went, having nobody left.

For a while, when they tried to turn their old farm into a camping site, he worked officially as the caretaker for the place, but tourism died out and so did the camp site.

Maksim thinks the world of him. When his parents were busy, he would always have time for him and thus he treats the old man more like his grandfather rather than a stranger. So now he lives in one of the houses once made for the tourists. He still does his rounds and Maksim still visits him as often as he can and takes care of him.

Urmas has never had children of his own, so he understands Maksim’s dilemma, reaching mid thirties and still not having any himself. He also knows there’s no point in pushing him. So when the boys show up and fill the house with laughter, he goes against his own promise never to intervene and begins pushing him towards the end game which would make both lonely men happy.


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