Snowflake Circus – supporting character.


Imagine the boy of your dreams walking down the street in a small village? Sounds like a memory of your first love? The perfect smile, the wild long bangs hiding half of his face while his ridiculously sweet dimples do their trick on you?

That’s Steve. He is perfect in every way – popular in school, best in his class (with almost no competition that isn’t much of an achievement). Top of the world. His world. A very tiny world.

But if you have nothing to keep you grounded, you no longer are a king, but turn into a tyrant and that’s what his angel blue eyes are hiding. You can almost see the steel if you get him to stand still for more than a moment. He is very impatient and tolerates no back talking. Even his own brother is terrified of him and his mother has long given up on his problems. For what problems would he have in front of grown ups? For them he is perfect boy,  exemplary to everyone. His mother knows better, but instead of dealing with it, she just waits it out, counting days until the boy is eighteen and by law his own master.

So when a group of orphanage boys show up and he tries to twist them around his little finger, make them do his bidding for they ought to be afraid of the real man, he is up for a surprise. Not only do they defy him, the buggers aren’t even slightest afraid.



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