Hey, Chef…

A prompt story: Make the unrequited lover confess to the one they love.


The younger co-worker has just got himself a boyfriend and is all lovey-dovey over it. Working in a kitchen with the other guy, who is pretty much his arch enemy. He’d just had an argument in front of Chef, but he isn’t taking it serious, and seems untouched by it.

“Hey. Chef, do you love someone?”

No reply.

“Look, I’m only asking, because I haven’t seen you with anyone and was wondering…”

“Yeah, I’ve got someone in my mind.”

He cheered up immediately and started going closer.

“Have you told them?”

“And if I do? You think it’s gonna be all right like you guys? That it will be my happy ending?” he nodded to him. “God, give me a break! What I feel can’t be tested out by going out like you do! My love does not include games! And right now he’s got someone. Should I break his heart first so I can take over? You think that’s gonna make him happy? Or him? I don’t want him testing his love on me. Love is battleground, but not through test tubes.”

“You’ve already given up?”

He didn’t answer. Yeah, he’d given up, for how would he think it ended if he told the guy he was in love with was going by the rule “I’ll test you out and see if we fit.” For he dreaded he wouldn’t survive the night, when the guy came out to him that he wanted somebody else.

“How would you know he’d reject if you haven’t even asked?”

Could he twist the knife even harder?

“Hey! I’ll come with you! I’ll help you confess!”

He burst laughing. His naive approach was both adorable and annoying as hell. Yeah, he’d be present, alright, when he confessed.

“Give it up, junior. The love I have will not be a bliss.” It’s hell on earth.

“Who is it? Can I at least ask that?”

“You want to run telling them so they could realize their love and confess me instead?” Oh this was fun! He watched the younger one’s shoulders slump.

“Maybe the problem is how you’d confess?” he started again, urging deeper in the problem.

He huffed, and sighed. He went around the table and reached out. He didn’t run this time, and he knew he was putting up an effort, for usually him approaching was reason enough to run. He reached for his neck and captured it with ease. Then he pulled him closer, ignoring his slight protest, and pressed his forehead against his before leaning closer to his mouth, lingering over it.

“I’d take him this close to me and say “I have the means to satisfy you that those roosters haven’t even dreamed on. I want you to be mine and mine alone, for I do not share and if you have me, I know you wouldn’t share me either.”” He paused, his mouth scraping against the heat rising from his body. “Then I’d kiss him.” He paused again, eyes fixed in his. His body was reacting just the way he’d take him. But that would be illusion unless he did for fun.

“See? There’s no testing in my love, for you can’t fake the real thing. You react to it like wildfire.” His face was too close, he realized and gulping, he pulled away and made sure there was enough space between them for the youth to run.

“Wow, now I want to see you confessing!” He let out a long sigh, slowly coming out of the heatwaves his body went in, when he got too close.

He’d just pressed a love confession out of him and he didn’t even realize it? God, he wanted to strangle him!

“How about this?” his voice had gone strangely serious compared to his skylarky happy and it forced him to turn around. “What if I say he was just testing your patience by screwing around?”

“Then shouldn’t you be testing out him instead?”

“I can’t.” he was on verge. “As you said. His love is not for testing. If I submit, I might get burned.”

“Well, there is winter coming, so you can go and have sex right in the snow.” He blurted without thinking and watched as the younger man cracked from the seriousness. “Are you confessing me?”


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