Dimray Hafrey

A quiet looking chimera with no past, who is trying to create a future from the front desk of a detective firm.

Age: 25
Hight: 5’8” (173 cm)
Weight: 196 lbs (89 kg)
Eye color: sea greenish-blue
Distinguishing features: Dimray has brown horns and his scales shine like fish in the water. He tends to seem as if he is constantly wet, but really he is just shiny. He has no tattoos nor piercings, nothing permanent on his body. He does like to wear bracelets.
Species: Kirin, or qilin (info here)
Habitat: Half a town away from the detective office where prices are cheaper and neighbors that much… closer.
Social group: He is very much loved among his old schoolmates and they often hang around together, but as far as social ladder goes, he is still in the beginning.
Family background: Dimray was born in a poorer side of society and left home very early on economical reasons. He has not seen his parents nor siblings since his departure from his hometown and makes no attempts to search for them. It wasn’t that he had bad experience, but it just happened this way.
Education: He is currently attending night university courses on business.
Occupation: He works as an front desk assistant at the local detective firm.
Personality: He is very easygoing on most of the times, having very calming effect on others. Which is why he was hired in the first place and why he often finds Laughlin sitting in the office kitchen corner while between assignments. He developed that mask to keep himself from getting hurt if he should invest too much of himself into someone, because he hasn’t had anyone truly close since he left home.

Has quite black humor. Is nice, polite on the outside, quite crooked inside. In a good way. Sometimes.

He never talks about past, you won’t ever get him to talk about it or talk of the good old times. Which is why he sometimes needs reminding that he exists in the present.

General background: Dimray is hardworking youth, who hasn’t got everything going for him in life. Still, he managed to get a job without recommendations, if being caught pickpocketing by one of the detectives doesn’t count, and he is attending school. He has four siblings, but that’s about all anybody in the firm knows about him. Neither does he speak about his partners, so they think the boy has had several, the guy ain’t bad looking, although he only has one steady partner.
Trivia: He tends to wear darker clothes to tone down his shiny scales, but in a very bright light and daylight, they tend to shine through thinner fabrics and give him a goldfish shimmer.

He is youngest in the firm, so others tend to look after him. He does pickpocketing for them sometimes since he did it when he was too young to know better. Nimble fingers.


The artist for Dimray is Reichenau.


Some of the works made on him:
Adult gallery is HERE.

719441205 for FA
A moment of ha-ha artwork by Yetifish
Artwork by Andytakker
Wished to see him in different light, artwork by Catherine6mirror



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