22nd of February – The Purge

Bradac suspects Warric is still using drugs and is upset about it. So he decides to clean out his fox once and for all.
!!!! Enema warning!!!!

These stories are for adult viewing only!



If Bradac was in bad mood, it suuurely didn’t show, Warric thought, struggling against the ropes fixing his hands on his back while he himself was set to lay over two bar chairs the dragon had roped together to make them steadier. While at it, he also knotted Warric’s legs to them too on one side before pushing him over, digging his cock to hang between his legs and ball gagging him when he protested against it. Now he’d been walking in circles around him for the past half an hour and his ligaments were beginning to protest against his posture with a good measure. There had been no foreplay, no instructions aside “stand here and spread your legs”.

Had he done something wrong? He didn’t think so. They didn’t know each other outside their hotel room.

Bradac came around once more and glared at him. Warric tried to keep his eyes on him as much as he could muster in this position. He didn’t know what he wanted and as long as he had to guess, he waited, watched and waited for Bradac to calm. It worked. Bradac knelt before him and sat in front of him, pressing his head against his chest while his jaw settled on his shoulder. Something HAD upset him.

“Your heartbeat is so loud I can hear it all the way to front door.” He said, agitated and Warric couldn’t quite get what it actually was that upset him.

Was it whatever happened or that he was currently very much not happy in his situation. He was scared, he couldn’t help it. Was that upsetting him? He would apologize if he wasn’t gagged, but Bradac probably didn’t want to hear it.

He felt Bradac’s hand slide between his belly and the chairs, cupping his soft belly and squeezing it gently at first, then stronger, making him squirm away from it. It was answered with another hand landing on his spine between his bound arms and pressing him back down until he was heavily pressed between the two palms like a sandwich. He let out a loud whimper.

“Did you come to me while being drugged again?” He heard Bradac’s gruff voice behind his neck and he quickly shook his head.

No, no drugs – there only was that one time.

“Did you?” Bradac asked again and he shook his head again, feeling the belly flatten deeper into him than he guessed possible. “I want to milk it all out of you!” Bradac hissed in his ear. “Clean you up until I am sure there are none left in your system, you stupid, stupid fox!”

God, ungag me, please! He begged into the ball, biting into it from the pain and pressed his jaw on Bradac’s neck so hard he felt the dragon flinch for a moment. He pulled back, both himself and his hands and Bradac sagged against the bar stools, breathing hard, feeling Warric’s stomach muscles aching.

He felt Bradac’s fingers drag a line from his chest all the way up through his thick collar fur and to his jaw, pushing it upwards before he was face-to-face with one upset dragon.

“How can you feel anything I give you if you drug yourself?” He sounded hurt.

Get rid of this gag! He let out a muffled scream, pushed it with his tongue, tried to move it.

“No.” Bradac refused. “The gag stays.”

He got up and went behind him. He searched something from the bag he’d brought with him and moment later Warric heard a pop of an opening cap and something cold on his ass. He tried to turn his head to see, but couldn’t muster more courage after Bradac pressed his shoulder back down against the chair.

He saw Bradac grab hold of the two chairs with him on top of them still and saw the window growing smaller before he realized he’d been moved from the bedroom to bathroom, set with his ass towards the shower corner, still with a view on the pretty mustard yellow curtains of the bedroom window. The shower curtain was pulled away and he listened Bradac fumble around with it for a while.

Something entered him. Something small and long? Something the size of a pen?

What the hell? He tried to look again, but his shoulders were pressed back down.

“Look out the window!” Bradac instructed. “Relax. It won’t hurt much.”

He gave him a minute to follow his order and then he felt Bradac cupped his privates and pressed him upwards before ducking them under him.


The small thing moved around in him, got stuck behind a muscle, was pulled out roughly and replaced with much bigger finger that began patting through his inside, like trying to make sure exactly how his insides opened up. He’d cleaned himself already, like he always did, so he wasn’t afraid of the finger. It felt oddly nice even. But then the long and thin, smooth thing pressed against his opening next to the finger and moved in too. Bradac used his finger to guide the thing past the protesting muscles and after few moments he could feel the thing slip deeper into him.

“Don’t let it out.” Was the last warning he heard, when the finger slipped out, massaging his bucker as the muscles closed around the thing in him now.

He could feel something flowing into him. It surprised him. The fucker was filling him up? Without thinking his body tried to press the tube end out, but Bradac’s fingers were swiftly on it, pressing it back inside and holding it there.

He felt it starting to fill him, the uncomfortable stretch of muscles as his lower belly was filled to the prim in less than five minutes. He thought it would end there, but instead it kept going in, making him more and more uncomfortable, forcing him to move his ass up to lessen the pressure of his body on his belly. Bradac’s fingers dug under his hands and pulled him upward, giving belly the room to inflate more. He watched as the curve changed until the uncomfortable sensation became too much and he wanted to scream from the pressure. It was becoming hard to breath, as if his entire inside was now filled up to the prim and pressing into his lungs and stomach, making it hard not to vomit. He squeezed his eyes shut against the tears forming in corners of them.

The tube disappeared and was replaced by Bradac’s finger digging into him now while his muscles contracted with pain.

Oh this was not at all what he expected when he’d confessed he liked to be filled to the prim.

Bradac massaged his hole from inside slowly, trying to relax his muscles. His rhytmic swinging was moving him against the chair, half hanging from his hold and he felt utterly helpless against it. If Bradac let him go, he’d fall on his stomach and surely burst open from inside. But his shoulders ached already and he wasn’t at all feeling the pleasure of it. Then again, Bradac was frowning and he could still feel the anger in him, so it wasn’t meant to be pleasurable.

“Bare it!” He ordered and slowly let him back down. His finger in his ass was quickly replaced by a plug. Bradac removed the ropes locking him against the chairs and he was picked up, cradled in Bradac’s arms as he took him from the bathroom to the bed and placed on top of a huge thick towel. He set him on his side and started removing his other ropes, releasing his hands, but left the gag.

“Open your leg and massage your belly.” He said while pulling the chair from under the window by the bed and sitting down. In that position he could see everything that was going on from the back and if Warric wasn’t squeezing his asshole muscles well enough, he would cover him with whatever Bradac had filled him with.

Shit, he groaned in his muzzle, and slowly raised his knee, revealing his monster-looking belly. Even slower he began massaging it, running his hand up and down and to his hips and back, feeling the drum-like pressure beneath him, moving the liquid around. He didn’t want to do it. His eyes filled with tears.

“Now your cock.” Bradac said, still not touching him.

He moved his hand to his member and to his surprise, it was hard. God he hated it right now. He wasn’t comfortable at all nor happy, how could it be hard? He tested it, squeezed around it. No doubt there – he was hard.

Bradac leaned back in the chair and Warric’s hands stopped as he watched the dragon raise his left leg, it coming closer to his crotch. It moved slowly, yet he felt a jolt go through him as his toe nudged against the plug. His insides screamed and the sudden ripple echoed throughout his stomach, making him sag on the bed and letting out a scream before panting from forcing himself not to move. He couldn’t be having an orgasm right now! He couldn’t!

Another nudge and same reaction before the toes moved beneath his balls and pressed in the no-man’s territory between his bucker and his balls.

He swore harder and let go of his cock, realizing he had been squeezing it so hard it had gone slightly purple.

He was having an orgasm, he realized then, when he felt the raw pain as convulsions in the muscles pressed him harder around the plug and his cock let out streams of cum.

When he came around, Bradac had left his chair and climbed on top of him, his hand gently placed on his belly and his long tongue cleaning away the tears.

His voice cracked from pain as he spoke. “Never, and I mean NEVER use drugs again! Not when you’re with me or anybody else or when you’re alone! Do you understand?”

Warrick nodded vigorously.

“Good boy.” Bradac let out a sigh and without second to spare, took him to his arms and took him to bathroom, where he sat him down on the toilet. He knelt before him, pushed his hand between his legs and quickly removed the plug.

This was the most undignified act he could ever be doing, Warric thought, blushing hard, but Bradac did not leave and instead moved himself enough to hug him against his chest while Warric emptied himself. His hand moved quickly on his stomach and began gently rubbing circles towards his ass to encourage the rest of it to leave his body until he felt completely emptied.

“That’s a good boy.” He kept murmuring into his ear, nuzzling his cheeks with his nose as he kept sobbing from the pain and release and embarrassment and disgust all in one.

He felt the muzzle’s straps being opened and felt it disappear. It was strange to move his jaw over what seemed like an hour, but finally he could and first thing he did, he sank his teeth into his neck through his silk shirt while he was still emptying his stomach. The dragon let out a satisfied gasp.

“I swear!” He whispered against his neckline, squeezing him closer. “I’ll never touch these things again! I’m sorry!”

Bradac nodded against him, massaging his back and front.

They staid there until Bradac was convinced he’d purified him completely. Then he sat him in the bath and washed him thoroughly before taking him back to the bedroom, discarding the towel to the floor and drying him for the next hour. He tucked him in and lay next to him like he usually did, playing with his fingers in silence. Warric didn’t know how or when, but he managed to fall asleep happy and contempt, although he knew deep in his mind he never wanted to play this game again. In the morning, he promised himself, he’ll let Bradac know – never again.


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