Laura Harrington


Snowflake Circus – main character.


Laura was born in a single parent family. Her mother walked away, when she was merely four and by the age of eleven, she had also lost her father in a car accident. After that she ended up in Trinity Grace Orphanage at Moonmace. From the beginning, it had been a very small orphanage and as far as Laura been there, it has always fought against closing. It never had more than ten children at a time, but the most unfortunate have been eight of them – Laura and her seven “brothers”. She grows up with them, treating them as her own flesh and blood and the boys treat her the same. They are one.

She grows up to be very stubborn in her needs and wants. To make yourself count aside being the eldest, you need ram determination to lead a gang of pre-teen boys. She isn’t their mother and she never wants them or anybody else to think she is that. They have all lost their mothers and aside one of the nuns, who visits them twice a week, there is no one none of them want to call mother again. Maybe someone, who would adopt them, they think, but with the years running by, that seems less and less a possibility.

Aside her looks, which is mostly outdoor friendly, ready to skip and run, she is not very sporty girl, preferring numbers and economical problems to soccer games. So instead of playing, she is often the judge and as if to prove it, unless she is on a meeting, there is always a simple green plastic whistle tangling around her neck. It is accompanied by a small wooden cross. She isn’t religious, but it was a gift from the nuns on her fifteenth birthday.

She has a leather bracelet with 7 cowries, one for each boy in the orphanage. She often plays with it unconsciously when she is looking after them from far. She never takes it off, even if she is wearing the most elegant evening dress. It was a gift from the boys and she considers it her most precious treasure.

When Laura is forced to leave on her 18th birthday, she learns that the orphanage will be closed and all the boys sent away over the country in different orphanages. Her family is scattered. She can’t bare the idea that they were not allowed to remain together, that the government would so easily break them up.

She decides to adopt them all, bring the family back together. As noble as the idea is, she is not a fool to know it would take time and money. Bringing up boys is a full time job after all, but she isn’t giving it up. She can’t. To lose them would be to lose her family again and that is an outcome she is not willing to take. But to make sure boys don’t grow apart, she begins from a smaller task – she creates them a summer camp.




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