Laughlin “Lafi”

A sergal searching for fun and laughter while hunting down those running from the law.

Age:  29
Hight:  6’0″ (182 cm)
Weight:  165 lbs  (76 kg)
Eye color:  sky blue
Distinguishing features:  Lafi has a complex tattoo on his back and shoulders and over his right side of the chest. He had the tattoo painted on him in the same color as his natural stripes are. He carries an extra thin stripe under the bracelet around his leg. Both his ears are pierced the same way (2 x simple rings) and he also has his nose pierced.  
Species:  Eastern Sergal (info here)
Habitat:  He currently runs around wherever his feet take him with no permanent place, although he does prefer cities and nightlife. 
Social group:  He could be considered a middle class, a nobody, who can’t claim much wrongdoing or being privileged. 
Family background:  Lafi was brought up in a normal family.
Education: Lafi was educated to become a bomb
Occupation:  He works as hound for private detective firm.
Personality:  Lafi is very outgoing, but he doesn’t like being like this for a long time of period at a time and he has hard time creating lasting relationships with others and deep inside he regrets his run-around life style. 
General background:
Trivia:  If he is not carrying his pearl with him around his neck (in case he wears trousers), then it is with him put around his ankle bracelet. 

Base is from   Xeshaire
Sergal species © Mick39
Character is mine.

Lafi reference sheet
tattoo fior furrylnd.png
Lafi’s tattoos and pearl

lafi 001 final Lafi icon 60 by 60Sad Lafi



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