Dyonos “Dyo” Rackettale

A chief’s son, who takes up teaching laird’s son how to fake what the younger boy is lacking.

Age: 22
Hight: 6’6” (198 cm)
Weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
Eye color: egg blue
Distinguishing features: He has an old long scar on his back left by a whip. It can only be seen when looking at it close, but in right light, one can see a rim running through his coat. He got it when intervening a fight between laird’s third son, Alaric and other students at school.
Habitat: Waveneigh  city, Hatangy
Social group: High class, popular guy at school
Family background: He is the second son of a chief (they are ruled my laird, but chief’s basically an inner circle in government).
Education: He is educated in prime schools as he is from high class, but he has tried to keep his education closer to everyday practicalities.
Occupation: High school student, is expected to join private security circle, who protects their laird and laird’s family.
Personality: He is very easygoing as he is large and people tend to like him, or rather, they sense the radiating calm from him and don’t want to piss him off. He likes being popular, taking pride in who he is. 
General background: Dyonos comes from high class family and has traveled a lot with his father and three brothers. He is fully aware that the life he lives is not normal to others and the fact that he has been able to have it is blessing and full of responsibilities.

He was born in north, but their family was moved to south due relocating forces necessary to their laird.

Trivia: He has a secret relationship with his laird’s third son, who is too small for his age compared to his mountain-like composure. They grew up together, but were separated in junior high, only to see each other again in high school.

That’s all I know about him as of now, but I’m sure there are stories coming 🙂

The artist for Dyo is CosmicDancer.


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