Saturday at the Prize– main character


Warric, the fox is a digging animal. He has nimble fingers and is effective in his work, because he is a digger by nature. He has one room apartment, being young and still at the beginning of his journey called life, digs drenches at construction sites for money and searches his entertainment in movies and sky.

Warric is hothead, but his experiences so far have taught him to be careful about relationships, but he has one secret desire and that is to submit. The one, who took him on a year before, was Bradac. They meet each Saturday and never at their homes. This is what their relationship is like – no relationship outside the club. At least that’s what Warric has been pressing on and Bradac has his hands full with a sub, who obeys, but doesn’t submit. Yet he is not willing to give up on him either.

It isn’t because Warric doesn’t trust the dragon, that he doesn’t submit, he just doesn’t want the man to find out about how much he is lacking compared to the graceful perfection he sees on Saturdays and he is scared. Scared of being called a gold digger. He isn’t stupid, and he is a realist. And in real life, things don’t end up in prince’s bed.

Warric is small. Like his body suggests. He has blue hair and blue tip of a tale. His right arm mirrors his left and the markings around his white socks look as if he is wearing stockings. His nails are important for his character, for he loves and hates them at the same time. His belly and stockings, the undertale and the cheeks and chest are white.



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