Saturday at the Prize– main character


Bradac come from a family, where he was a single child and he had no siblings. He has always thought this was the reason, why he finds creating relationships so hard. Or, expressing himself to other living creatures hard. It doesn’t help that he is dominating in every aspect of his life and everything has to be done according to how he likes it. He knows he can’t go on like this, but he doesn’t know how to change it. And in many ways, he doesn’t want to change it at all.

Bradac is a dom, but he is conflicted about his sexuality. . He is scared to death to hurt anyone while he is supposed to make them feel good, so he has never really done it, as in intercourse. He lets his submissives sometimes get him off if the game gets him riled up, but he never takes them, enters them.

That’s why he’s almost never undressed. It gives him a barrier between him and the others and acts as his armor. If he is dressed, he doesn’t feel it’s so arousing that he can’t handle the sub without being exposed. He loves to dress up and he is hardly seen without his golden yellow very expensive vests with matching set of detailed personal items. His own almost gray brown skin makes the yellow shine on him. He is tall, bulky in size, with two delicately carved horns.

He wants to learn how to interact with others. He really feels that having no siblings has made him emotionally barren, or uneducated in that and he thinks that is the reason his relationships have failed so far and there have been several. Which have all ended for about a year ago, when he realized he had no real interest in suitors. Which is why he likes his dom life – they know, who he is, but all his subs are also aware that he does not include them in his real life and that’s that. They accept it, no games in that. He controls the space, who he takes and how long he spends with them. He is not rental, he rents.

So he plays a game in grownup world.

Bradac has three submissive he takes care of on various nights. Warric always has his Saturday, other two are on games on other times. Unknown to him, lately Bradac has began leaving his Saturdays off, moving his other two to other nights, or rather, submitting them to other doms. He wants stability and he feels that the others are too flicker to his liking. He is addicted to their after sex cuddling and he is more and more reluctant to give it up.

This is how Bradac originally looked like.

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