Anatomy and physiology Knudhy


Knudhy are species of aliens, who have developed from humanoid species and has used genetic manipulation to improve themselves physically over close to 500 years.

They are much taller than humans, with most of the males towering over 6’3″ and the shortest females being 5’7″ in hight. They are muscular,  having stronger muscular structure than humans and their inner frame is lighter due the genetic mutations.

The skin color and texture would be gray, bark like with soft from chin down. Their faces are cornered. Eyes are silvery and similar to humans, maybe with a hint from something wild, like some animal trait. They have no hair all over their body.

Their red lines run on their faces from a bit lower than their earlobes to corners of their mouthes and from his mouth corners down, disappearing under their clothes. It looks like they were very clumsy bloodsuckers. Red lines run from their throat behind the earlobes. They look like painted on, but are not, being part of physics. The older the individual, the more faded the color gets. They get them with puberty and they look bright wine red at that time. Different persons have them different – some have it thinner, some wider, warmer red, colder red. Sort of like a natural pattern.  

Chemistry and physics:

Knudhy have worked hard through genetic mutation to separate their bodies from natural life in any aspect that touches their social aspects.  They acknowledge that they’ve gone too far with it, thus seeking contact with humans to find their way back towards less manipulated DNA code. Their tries to make themselves better has driven them to the point that their lives are completely settled not by their actual needs, but by aspects their scientists thought to be the best way to ensure to have least mishaps for selective breeding of the best of the best.

Their singing is pure chemical reaction in their body. They need to be aroused before the chemical in their body gets released into their singing vocal cords to ease up enough for them to release their song. They can train them through exercising, but as far as using their true voice, they need physical contact first.

Eating habits:

Knudhy are omnivores and thus their cuisine involves everything and anything under Feher’s sky, given it is not poisonous to them. They have spent a lot of time researching human foods that fit them to put together a menu for the space station that host humans that would fit both species without having to make much extra efforts, however there are few things that they react differently to, like fresh garlic instead of dried garlic, which acts as aphrodisiac.

They prefer savory dishes and don’t have many sweet recipes in their lists. It is due their tasting buds, which don’t taste sweetness in foods as strongly as humans do, often not understanding the small difference between very sweet or slightly sweet, making it pointless effort to have sweets. They are experts on vegetarian dishes, because of their long space travel experience during which meat is hard to come by and most of the diet is based on vegetarian choices as plants have proven easier to grow in space.

Life cycle:

Knudhy are born through female body like humans are. They develope in female body over a year and two months, but are born with stronger brain capacity which allows them to be taught faster than human babies and leave them less vulnerable towards surrounding threats.  The largest number of children born at the same time is three, but commonly the number of children does not go over five or six per family with children’s death still being one of the biggest reasons for maintaining low numbers for the Feher communities.

After the child is of 6 years or 7 the latest, they are sent to boarding schools, where they are first participating general classes and starting at age of 12 they are divided according to the skills they show or what they are interested in. After age 12 their education is mostly specific in small groups with all the youth participating military-like sport activities. Their education ends with exams at the age of 21.

They put great stress on keeping the children’s education modern as a lot of their tribes own space stations outside their planet and they need them to maintain them.

After achieving their  goals in boarding schools, they are sent back to their families, where they spend almost 12 years as part of college tutoring system. They achieve adulthood at the age of 32, thus until then they are building up their place in society in the economy structure they were prepared for, or join the tribe’s military. Only when they are fully grown, at the age of 32, which is equivalent of 19 years for humans, or when they have established a life partner, are they considered grownups and part of the general society as someone, who stands apart from the family they grew up in.

Knudhy are not allowed to travel away from their planet before the age of 21 without exceptions as they are not yet considered being grown up.

Knudhy marry for life. They can marry both for social reasons and for personal reasons, with the latter being preferred if possible. They do not have publicly accepted divorce as it would be seen as mishap of current breeding system. Marriage is encouraged between life partners, but if the partner is already taken, the party that was late is expected to stand down and not start the relationship at all.

Death for Knudhy means nothing more than to move from living state to the world of the dead. The gone family members are considered to stay behind and live next to the living while their bodies are often burnt to make sure they enter back the life cycle. After life partner dies, it is is normal for the surviving partner to seek new partner, but most of them consider it direspectful towards their departed lover and remain single throughout their remaining lives.


They wear large jackets, similar to early Tudor long doublet circa 1520s, except there are no large neckties or such. The collars for officials tend to be a bit elevated and decorated, but have no frills or anything else of such nature – quite simple ones really.

The jackets are all decorated, even if they are part of their uniform and it depends on how much money you spent on the lavish embroidery.

Underneath they have thin sleeveless shirts made of thin fabrics.  Loose pants that are often in the same style as the undershirt. They are simple though, not like Tudors.  Large black boots.

Necklace of big black beads around their neck that lays on top of all the layers of their clothes.  Those have no decorations, but they are big enough to be noticed and it stands out on the decorated fabric of the jacket. The necklaces are like soul keepers, so each of them have one and it is not treated as jewelry but like religious item, like prayer beads.



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