Glenarm District

The Glenarm district differs from the other three by not having a major city on its territory and thus having only one council. Because it is the least populated area of the county, the forest area in east, which provides mostly for people, who work in the forestry section, it has less members in the council as well.

The most popular transport for Glenarm is air traffic. The are has several smaller towns, which are home for half of the district’s population of 189,998. The other half lives scattered around the forest areas due work. The largest towns are Waldborn and Sherpenden, which are actually the eldest towns in Montfort county despite their secluded existence. They are direct result of county’s need for raw materials and thus were created as trading points as they are closest on the edges of the county and Glenarm district, right in-between the two neighboring counties.

Glenarm district.png

Because Glenarm is quite separated from the rest of the districts, it is very tempting area for those, who do not wish to live in city populations due their different looks or ways. They are very private and thus it is common that any kind of problems get solved among themselves without it ever getting in the news or court. Glenarm is popular area for shifters and other similar creatures with altered looks. They do not advertise themselves outside their own communities, but it is well known among their own kind.

The lake’s name is Saida and Glenarm shares it with Montfort District.

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