Bar Fight – Chapter 3 – Dakota


She got hungry few hours later and went to get something to eat, when she was caught off guard only few minutes hopping around aimlessly.

You should not disappear like that!”

I wasn’t lost, I was in my room.”

Yeah, you can get into trouble if you spend too much there.”


You can go nuts there! Didn’t you feel like getting off the ship the moment you saw your room?”

It isn’t as if I can go on a walk outside!” she whispered so the pair walking in front of them wouldn’t hear.

No! What I mean is they have developed this system, you see, that if someone is caught sitting in their room more than necessary for quick shower or sleep, they search you out for depression and suggest you go and have yourself checked out. I don’t know, they are rather strangely pushy with human health in space. Both our and their doctors! Well, if you consider we are the human guinea pigs for the needle punch and they pretty much control our every move, I guess I’d use the chance to check on our subjects as often as possible, too…”

She was about to answer with something witty, when her ear suddenly grasped someone approaching them with heavy footsteps, far heavier and calmer for humans.

You wanted a job, right?” they heard deep gruff voice ask behind them. “I’ve got few. What did you did before coming here?”

She turned around and met the chest of the alien she’d taken the papers to. Belyer.

H-She was a teacher!” Meredith tossed, grabbing hold of her hand.

A teacher? We do have an opening for a teacher. What do you teach?”

Chemistry.” Meredith answered her place again and she used the moment the alien was distracted to press her fingers painfully together. She went on like that a while and there was no hiding.

She can speak for herself,” the Security Chief noted with curt smile.

She was about to say yes, when Meredith pulled hard on her hand.

Uh, no, she can’t. She’s mute.”

The aliens definitely didn’t frown, their thick forehead plate wouldn’t allow it. But she could read from his eyes that had he been able to, he would have.

That was not in the files?” he offered a quick getaway and she knew immediately he was scanning them both for signs of lying. Teachers became good at reading body language and he was eyeing them both with just the same kind of curiosity with decision already made.

It, uh-” Dakota made a mental note to teach her sister how neatly those tiny installments in her speech showed her off, “happened recently.”

He gazed her perfectly clear neckline for scars and despite the heat building up red right under her eyes, she held her eyes unmoving on his face. Then he slowly looked up and for a long moment they shared the knowledge that her sister was the worst liar in the world.

She should have our doctors look at it then. Our medicine is better on fixing vocals than yours.” His tone was low, not amused, but he would allow Meredith her lie, bringing wild blush to her cheeks.

Two tall men entered the corridor and walked towards them, discussing something openly. Neither of them seemed more than 30 years old, but were attractive pair, both tall and handsome, slim and shoulder length hair. They looked rather similar from far, but close up they were nothing alike. This lead her to think they were working together, doing an act together.

The one in purple eyes turned his eyes on the blockage in the corridor and narrowed immediately on the back of the Chief of Security.

Evening, m’am.” He nodded, when they were close enough and they both responded automatically.

Belyer followed the duo with his gaze, but instead of politeness, he turned his attention back on the ladies.




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