15th of February – The Tail

Bradac muses on his favorite pose from magazines.

These stories are for adult viewing only!


“What is the sexiest pose you can think of?” Bradac asked, his eyes never leaving his little fox, who was searching through his pile of clothes. He was laying on his back, his hands over his head and watched in silence as their time together was coming to an end.


Bradac repeated his question, concentrating on him.

“I don’t pose for photos, Bradac.” Warric sounded offended, defensive even.

He let the question go. He’d just spent half an hour washing and massaging him until he was satisfied with his little pet and now he felt sad to see him getting ready to go, the long hotel robe still clinging around his thighs as he was drying up.

He knew the only reason Warric let him touch his body after their night together was because he demanded it when they first began dating, not because he was comfortable about it. It was written in contract and they’d nearly clashed over it then. But he stayed firm and unless the foxy wanted to search a new master, he had to comply with it. The whole ritual that began him checking the thermostat of the room so it would be perfectly warm to avoid his muscles cramping against the chill and ended with half an hour spent in warm robe until his fur was completely damp free before Bradac allowed him to get dressed and leave.

However, that did little to his self-esteem when they’d actually did it. He would carry him in the bathroom, set him in the bath, his every move either ignored by cast down eyes or glare that never left his face. The only time the boy would not surrender. Would he really think that after all the times they’d been together he would think of him as something offensive to his eyes?

“Come here.” He beckoned him to come back on the bed.

Warric did, reluctantly.

“Stand on your knees.” He ordered him softly and waited while he did it. Warric’s posture might have been all about resistance, but his eyes glinted with curiosity and he allowed himself to be lead. “Come here on your knees.” He called and watched as he did it. “You know what I find the most sexiest pose?” He asked while his sleeved hand slipped quietly under him, between his knees. He had to lean lower, adjusting his pose so Warric was now kneeling right over his upper hand, his ass over his elbow while his front was near his shoulder. “In magazines, when they pose the couples so the boy in the bathrobe is kneeling next to his master’s head while he has his hand around his hips…” he let out a low growl, his eyes traveled up to his face and held his eyes while his free hand forced his thighs lower so he would sit on his hand. “I think they are actually sitting on the hand.” He finished as his hand bent upwards and his fingers fanned beneath his tale, his thumb slipping into his opening while the others dug deep into the fur under his soft tale.

Warric gasped out loud, his mouth open from the sudden sensation and eyes widening.

“Yeah, just like that.” Bradac grinned and moved his fingers again, rolling them around in circles, feeling the fur move on the skin sending trembles through his thighs that scattered all over his body. He repeated the action and watched with amazement as his little fox eyes widened before they rolled up with heatwave rolling over him.

He began moving his hand back and forth. Warric jumped on the sensation, but the moment he got off, he clamped down into his fur and ass and pulled him back down until his balls were rocking on either side of his arm. He let go of the fist and began moving his fingers gently around in his fur again.

Warric’s hips began moving on their own and he rocked himself in the same rhythm with the hand while his own paws rested on Bradac’s shoulder, digging into them.

Bradac couldn’t hold back a smile and he reached for the robe’s belt, unshackling the belt and tossing the helms aside, revealing his pet’s hard shaft bobbing against his own belly while his sack rubbed heavily against his expensive silk shirt. He knew he’d look good on that color as he watched hungrily how he stilled his movement. It didn’t bother him as he continued massaging his crack, his hole and his sack.

Warric’s hand slipped. It wavered before it slipped down to his chest and on his nipple, where he locked his hand in place with his own. Warric grabbed on for his life then and clamped down on it so hard he let out a low cry of pain, but Warric didn’t seem to notice. His every muscle in his body cramped as he pressed his ass backwards and his hips lower to raise the friction.

Suddenly he panicked. His eyes went wide as he looked down on his hand and only then seemed to realize that he was humping Bradac’s shirt. He immediately searched around, pressing through closed teeth something about not wanting to come while his hole was tightening hard around his thumb.

Bradac pushed him up to his knees, grabbing hold of his ass and thick fur around his tale and pressed him cock first into his mouth. His tongue wrapped quickly around his cock and he sucked him in.

“Shiiit!” Warric screeched out a cry of horror and ecstasy as he couldn’t hold back and spilled himself into his mouth.

Bradac kept on until he was sure Warric was completely spent. He let him go, allowing his pet to lay back down on his hand. He removed his thumb and petted him gently on top of his tail, soothing it with pride.

“Definitely my favorite.” He hummed approvingly and watched as Warric wobbled down over his chest and his hands snaked around him while laughing rumbled through his little pet.



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