18th January – Breasts

Warric reveals to Bradac that he likes his big chest.

These stories are for adult viewing only!



Bradac was waiting for Warric to return from the showers.

“Brushing his tail, he said!” Bradac huffed.

The little fox was taking longer than usual to get ready and he was getting restless. He’d settled on the large soft armchair by the window and small table with some brochures. He tried to read them, but his mind was still on the gray fur being brushed through with one of his large brushes.

Hmm, now that he thought of it, he had never done it before, groomed his fur. He had his hand plenty in ruining it.

“I love your chest!” He heard a raspy voice coming few feet away and glanced up, watching the fox leaning seductively against the door frame, his tale twitching with want and his cock springing up with joy. Had he been touching himself there? If he had, that would not do.

“You do?” he asked softly.

The fox nodded.

“Come then,” he challenged the little fox. He opened his legs wide and sank deeper, settling his hands on the armrest, beckoning him closer.

Suddenly he didn’t look so confident. Perhaps he’d actually taken note last time?

“Come on.” He urged the fuzzball and watched as it sunk closer over the thick carpet. He loved the feel of it under his toes and for a second he imagined pressing Warric’s plump body into it, his belly flat on it and trusting a thick toy into his deep hole while he tried to get away.

Warric stood in front of him, nudging closer against his middle. It was divine to feel his small cock twitch through his trousers, right against his balls. Yeah, he winked at Warric, he was hard already. That’s what you get leaving him captive of his own imagination.

He reached out and pulled him closer, clapping his hands over his butt cheeks and guiding him higher. Soon he was straddling him, but he wouldn’t let him settle and pulled him higher, enjoying the feel of his dummy meat slipping over his expensive vest. He stopped with his cock right between the furrow of his chest muscles, the tip caught behind the small pink sapphire on his necktie pin.

He flexed his pecks under the shirt, pulling a light giggle out of Warric. Tip of his tongue slipped out, wetting his lips while his eyes were fixed on his chest. He used the moment he wasn’t paying attention and began slowly massaging his butt. It sent a shudder through his little pet.

For a while he kept massaging him, circling around his entry. It made his cock deliciously rub up and down. Up. And down. He supported his whole weight, forcing his hands to find support on his shoulders. First finger in. It slipped in easily.

Warric gasped, digging his fingers deep into his shoulder. His body jolted away, but he wouldn’t have it, pulling him back lower and continuing his rubbing. He struggled. His breathing was getting faster, his mouth wasn’t closing anymore and his breath was heating up faster than black stone in summer sun.

He couldn’t look away from the dark palate of his mouth. He was bending his head back, revealing all of it and he resisted the urge to seat him to his lap, force his jaws open and lap it up.

“Brad…” Warric whined and he smiled. The little fox was getting close.

“You said you like them?” He reminded him and Warric’s cock twitched in response. He tried to move away again.

“I’ll ruin your vest!” he protested, when he answered his tries with other hand’s finger into his welcoming heat.

“Then take it off.” He gave him a Cheshire grin and lowered him, not removing his fingers. He stilled them while he hesitatingly began undoing his tie.

He wasn’t having him tell it twice. He took his time, removing his tie pin, settling it on the table next to them. Then he unfastened his vest one button at a time until all of them had popped and pushed it aside. He moved his hands over his middle, chewing his lips while his palm marveled his muscles through the indigo shirt. He pulled it out of his painfully tented trousers and began moving upwards.

The cotton had been rubbing his nipples for a while now, having his thighs rub over them each time he moved him wasn’t helping, and by the time he’d reached to the last button and pushed the hems out of the way, his nipples were already hard. He hummed when Warric’s soft palms scraped over them.

“Should I make you more comfortable?” Warric asked, his face blushing.

The fox knew he was testing their boundaries, Brad’s lower half being off limits, but in a situation, where he was near soiling his pants, and his hardness was poking hard into Warric’s inviting warmth, he couldn’t resist and nodded, frowning, allowing him to take a minute to undo his buckle and release his cock from the bindings of his pants.

He raised Warric’s hips higher, his cock’s head still nudging between his cheeks. He nuzzled Warric’s chest and pulled his tongue over his left nipple.

“That’s – ah!” His insides pulled strong around his fingers.

He liked that reaction and did the same with his right nipple before dragging his tongue all the way down to his navel as he pushed his body up again, pressing his manhood between his pecks, then moving his hips all the way up so he could suck it between his lips in one slide move. In the same continuous move he sank him back on his chest and released his cock with a pop. He locked it between his pecks, pressing them hard around his arousal.

The little pet was in heaven. His eyes went wide. He was holding his breath in while his body buzzed with joy.

He dug deeper with his fingers, moved them around inside and then stretched them sideways, pulling his hole open wide. Sly smile said this was just what he wanted and he felt his fingers slide down over his chest and stopping on his nipples. His mouth was too high to reach down and suck down on them, but the saliva running down the corner of his mouth was sure sign his mouth was watering for it and bad.

Warric’s nipples were rocking right in front of his eyes. He watched them move back and forth, in reach of his mouth and the next time they came, he grabbed hold of it with his teeth, making him shout with surprise. He didn’t let go, biting down and wrapping his tongue around it, teasing it with the end of it. He sucked onto it hard.

His hips began moving on their own when he stopped them just high enough for him to be right on top of his breasts. His soft tail ran tickling over his cock, reminding him he was hard too. He hesitated for a moment, thinking of what happened last time, but when his tale went over his balls the second time, he pressed his eyes shut and lowered the moving hips right above his cock’s head, just a little bit more to press his hard tip in and feel his anal muscles go pop around it, clamping down, hard.

Warric didn’t stop moving his hips despite his face grimacing with pain. He wasn’t pushing him lower, latched him on the right height instead and let him do his thing. His hands, which had stopped the moment his cock had locked in place, began moving again, squeezing and kneading his pecks with strength one wouldn’t expect from his small muscles. It went straight to his cock, stirring the sensation of cold air and a cute soft body gently moving the tip in his own rhythm.

He felt dizzy. He heard Warric let out a curse and realized he’d let go of him and he’d slid lower an inch, stretching him wider. He was moaning and gasping for air. His breathing wasn’t steadying even after he raised his hips higher. Instead, it got more erratic the higher he got him. Bradac pressed his cock between his pecks while going after Warric’s nipple. He bit down on it and the same moment he felt hot wetness covering his chest while his insides contracted and he lost his own into his pet’s stomach. Searing heat sent his entire body into spasms of pleasure and before he lost it, he quickly pulled him off his cock and slid him down between the chest and his still erect cock. It went straight between his cheeks and he could feel his ass open and close against it.

He was still panting when he felt Warric’s kiss in the middle of his chest before he buried his head between them.

“They’re so big!” He gulped, his voice hoarse.

He tugged his chin up and gave him a slow, long tongue tugging kiss until he was out of breath and red-faced with growing new desire. “I like mine small, tender and soft to the touch.” He said and cupped his from behind where he was steading him, squeezing down hard.



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