11th January – Size

Warric has a fetish – he wants It big. Not just big, he wants them huge. His master, his partner Bradac, has denied him from using his, because the little fox might want it, but he fears it is still too big for the fox body.
So on one of their meetings, after the main fun is over, Bradac falls asleep…

These stories are for adult viewing only!


Warric had slipped something in his drink.

This was the only thing that registered in his dizzy mind, but the little bugger forgot one thing – he wasn’t affected by most of the stuff available to his level of money for long. But he was impressed nevertheless, because to take dragon down took guts and research and he’d done them both.

Which is why it didn’t surprise him that he was laying on their hotel bed on top of the pillow mountain while Warric was busy pushing his cock into himself. It was big, still, but not as big as its full form. He managed to get it almost entirely in thanks to the play they’d gone through earlier with large dildos inserted in his little ass.

It didn’t go in as he planned. Warric pulled away, tried if his fingers would fit, then pushed his entire fist in to check he would stretch that much before returning to his cock and slipping his hand over it, slicking it up with the lubricant. Then he saddled him once more, raised his limp member up and tried again. This time it went in with quiet pop when his sphincter gave in and widened around him.

What was he thinking? It wasn’t without a reason he refused him! He was too big for him, period!

Fuck. The little fox was too busy with enjoying himself on his cock, his back towards the dragon he failed to notice had woken up.

This was going to hurt, was his last thought before his cock inflated from all the warmth and tightness suddenly surrounding it and the heated view of fox slowly pressing himself lower, desperately hiding his voice as he whined out of the pain and pleasure.

“Warric!” He gave the fox a low, growling warning. Seconds later he was sitting up, the fox pressed against his chest and his two strong arms squeezing the air out of the fox.

Warric let out a loud howl before grimacing from the pain.

“Too much! Too much! Too much!” he gasped for air, his body rigid and full of his painfully stiff cock.

“Shit, Warric! You stupid fox!” He tried to sooth him.

The little fox was crying, hiccuping while his hot tears torched his fingers as they rolled over his chin. He was shaking, too afraid to even move.

And for a good reason. He was sure he’d ripped something inside of Warric and it broke his heart to know he’d hurt him this way. They might like rough play and he knew his need to be filled to the rim, but that did not include ripping him apart. It was meant to be his rewards some time in the future, but it was way too soon yet.

“You horny, greedy bastard!”

Warric was gasping for air and Bradac knew he had to hurry with whatever solution he could think of before the fox panicked. But first he needed to get him to calm down. He bent his legs so Warric’s legs didn’t carry his weight and gently lowered himself back on the bed, turning their bodies so Warric was on his side. He eased away, but only so he could be more comfortably. He had to think and he couldn’t do it while putting all his strength in keeping him in place.

Warric wasn’t feeling the comfort. He was holding his legs apart as wide as he could and still regulating his breathing. After he failed to do both, Bradac took his leg and slowly helped him settle it. He tried to ease himself off, but Bradac snaked the hand beneath them around his belly and halted him, ruthlessly pressing him back down. Warric let out a cry of pain and it managed to stir his cock more, to the point it was throbbing.

“Pull it out! Please, pull it out!” He begged.

This was stirring him all the wrong directions.

“After all the trouble you went through to get it in you?” He sounded angry. He couldn’t help it. The bastard should be happy he wasn’t pissed. “No, my pet.” He whispered, licking slow over his sensitive ear.

“Please don’t move!” Warric wheezed. “It hurts so much, I can’t -”

“Hush!” He sank his teeth into his neck enough to make him concentrate on something else besides his lower half and felt him go limp. There was so much he wanted to yell at him, but right now that would have had no effect. Nor had he ever raised his voice on his deary. But he knew what he meant.

His neck was exposed from his hair and he pressed his nose against it, licking it gently while massaging his thighs. It seemed to calm Warric enough that his insides didn’t pressure his cock so much. He let his hand wonder past his hipbone, guiding it out of his way and exposing his belly. Now, in full view, he could see his cock swelling his stomach through low fur of his belly. As if a mountain had grown out of nowhere.

“So, you like how it feels then?” His asked huskily. “Me inside you?”

He couldn’t resist pushing his fingers through his soft fur and over the bulge, down the hilt he could feel through skin and to Warric’s groin and over it, pulling a sigh of relief from the fox.

“Yes. Do it again?” He pleaded.

He did, pulled his hand up and back down, pressing the contours of his own cock. Then he got down to Warric’s cock and to his surprise it had began to grow again, stiffening under his caresses. He stayed there for a while, stroking it, manhandling his balls. The last made the fox inside contract around his cock. He spread his legs wider, giving him full access to his stomach. Warric’s breathing became shallow and before he knew it, Bradac began moving gently back and forward. Only an inch, only enough to give them both some much needed friction.

He loved feeling it through his skin, loved hearing his little fox moans deepen and getting louder. They were still edged with pain, but the more he stroke his belly, the softer it got. Soon all he heard in the room were their moans and the creaking of the bed as he moved them apart and back together.

“Ah!” Warric’s gasps pitched and turned into panting. “No, I can’t!” he wheezed, his head slumping back on his chest, his eyes closed and grimaced with pain.

He stopped moving and began stroking his cock through his belly skin, massaging his muscles against it with mixed results of him gasping from pain and groaning in pleasure. He hastened his hand, feeling him tighten around his shaft to the point he pressed his legs together, his toenails into his thighs. This was just what he needed to get him over the edge. He didn’t bother pulling out, emptying his load straight into his guts, swelling it up a bit right under where his palm was against him.

His mouth went dry. He gulped several times, with sinking feeling of the bulge beneath his fingers. He couldn’t think straight, panic rushing the blood flow further away from his brain.

“Warric?” he demanded gruffly. God, if he’d hurt the fox, he doubted he’d live through this.

He felt a small hand climb over his and touch around it, scared at first.

“I’m so full!” he whispered with admiration before his fingers slid lower where the head of his cock was still buried in his stomach and caressed it, pressing it, testing it’s springiness. His cock wilted under his gentleness and the bulge of it withdrew from Warric, making the small fox moan. When there was only the head left in him, he suddenly gasped, his muscles spasming painfully hard and he came, sending his load over the sheets. Bradac used the moment he was still in mids of orgasm to withdraw completely and pulled the trembling creature against his chest while the fox continued milking his own load out of himself.

This was good, he nuzzled his neck and shoulders, this was very good.

He had no doubt he’d be soar in the morning, more than usual, but Warric’s hitched breathing was anything but indicator of pain. Although he knew he’d feel it soon enough. He fingered the edge of his hole, checking for tears. There didn’t seem to be any. Then he pushed his index finger in-wards and felt his sphincter clamp around it, followed by two very angry paws that desperately tried to slap his hand away. He let him, replacing it with his thigh as he pulled him back against his chest.

He switched off the light on the nightstand and pulled the blankets discarded on the rear of the bed over their exhausted bodies. He was done for the night. There was no way he’d build up his stamina again after such scare. He was drained to the core and for once he was glad for it. It was about half an hour later that he felt Warric turn in his arms and his nose nudging his throat, followed by a lick of a kiss.

“Thank you.”

He groaned, pulling him closer and offering him his chest for pillow.



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