Valerie Austin


Giant– supporting character


Valerie looks like a sun come out from the clouds, but her attitude seems to never leave that rainy day. Headstrong and completely down to earth, she is the Drasan island golden girl. At least from the outside.

When Valerie was fourteen, her parents committed a double suicide, leaving their only child fight for herself. The shock of their deaths had hardly registered, when she discovered the reason behind their heinous act – huge dept their business had accumulated over the years they lived like higher society businessmen. Only, their lawyer forgot to warn them about one thing – depts get passed on to the children. In less than few weeks her entire heritage is sold to cover the dept her parents had, leaving her only the summer cottage her parents had bought before they married. So she has no other choice but to take all she has left and move to Drasan, in a green house with yellow edges.

Ten years later the past seems nothing but a dream that only haunts in her dreams. She finished high school through mail, but she has never wanted to leave Drasan since she arrived. People intimidate her outside her controlled environment and tourists are often the only strangers she can handle. They only come for three months – no need to get to know them more than necessary. Which is why she has no interest getting to know Tomas and Reed, who to her knowledge are nothing more than quick-way tourists.

Because she never leaves the place, she is entrusted to take care of Meredith, her neighbor’s child and works as a postman. The post comes once a week and the post office is pretty much her kitchen with extra space for packing materials hidden under the ceiling.

She might look cold to outsiders, but when she gets to know others, she opens up eventually.






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