Tomas Bradenton


Giant– supporting character


On the late spring day, Tomas came out with what seemed the craziest idea he’d had over his 28 years of life – he bought a house on an island far, far away from civilization. Drasan with it’s population hardly hitting half a hundred on it’s best of days, is hardly suitable for high class businessman.

His father believes he should set an example to his four younger brothers by being the first to marry out of Bradenton family. Him buying the house, and when it comes out is not a summer house, is of course seen as his dramatic protest. He cares little of how his family sees it. To be honest, he has cared less about his family’s opinion since he was in high school.

With one exception – the second son, his brother Reed. Being closest to him in age, with 4 years before youngest were born, they make up a force of nature which balances hardly on good terms most of the time. If one didn’t know, they might think the duo hates each other, and to some extent, brotherly rivalry has caused them to argue more than anything. Yet when he declared of his decision, Reed was the one, who stood next to him and even offered to help.

But the old man got one thing right – he is not ready for marriage. Probably never will.


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