Giant– supporting character


If there has ever been a child to prove right the expression “it takes a village to raise a child”, it’s her.

She has been visiting Drasan during all 6 summers of her life and is one of the regulars with her parents. More like, the visits take place with her wedding  photographer dad Garret, for the surgeon mom is often too busy to join them. Because summer tends to be the high time for weddings, she is often left to live alone with Valerie, who gladly takes care of that mini-me.

The locals are fully aware of the strange love story her parents share and don’t blink an eye, but it tends to create a lot of commotion among well-wishing summer visitors, who find it weird at best that a kid is left to live on the island alone. Not true. Valerie is always there as her nanny and the no fences strategy also works on the island’s kids – if they get caught doing something forbidden, everybody yells at them no matter which grownup happens to be the closest.

Meredith is a bit spoiled by her parents. Most likely to make up the time spent away. It is one of the things she has to leave behind when she arrives, the diva act. The second thing being her gullible nature, which Val also tries to cure, but thinks there just isn’t enough time and she hopes will never come to harm her in any way.


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