Giant– supporting character


Garret is Meredith’s father of 6 years. The other thirty he spent being always photographer-crazy boy and a man and the last twelve have been spent as a good husband for his beloved wife.

Their love story with his wife is a bit unusual. Not because he photographs weddings while she is digging in human intestines, but because it has lasted for so long. Many people around them, including half of their family, believes they are on verge of a divorce, especially when they see them leaving Meredith with Valerie. But that’s because they know Valerie’s story and trust her completely, being neighbors with her parents and her since she was born. Garret’s parents passed away in his youth as well, both due health problems, so he understands her pain better than others. He inherited the summer house .

There are a lot of rumors among summer visitors that arrive on Drasan for a month or two that Valerie and Garret must be lovers. That only serves to twist the duo over with laughter. It doesn’t help that Meredith looks just like her, for if you can’t see the mother, who is also fair haired beauty, you can easily make the mistake.


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