Maiden Wreath – part 12

I would have gladly shut the hatch against his head hadn’t my mind told me I have to face him sooner or later anyway and at this point, sooner was better.

“Why did you bring your dog up here?” I started with the most obvious problem and before he could answer pushed the small bear he so fondly called his dog back to his arms ordering him to take it down.

Dalek saved the dog from its prison and came back up as I had predicted. It was too much to hope he’d stay down there or he’d leave with it. Meanwhile I headed back to my place and tried for the last time to get some sleep, promising myself a nice dreamy night from there on.

Instead he crawled past Erika and stretched himself next to me making sure he wasn’t touching me in any way. Because I had foolishly laid my head on the wrong way I had no other escape than to open my eyes and take in his shiny eyes that peered in mine.

I had never seen a man this close. Well, I had seen my brothers and father when hugging them, but I couldn’t remember exactly what their face looked like or how astonishingly their lips moved. I thought it might be time that prevented me from remembering a curtain image of them – I had seen them change for so long all their different faces had melted in one constantly changing lines. But his features were different, utterly new and interesting enough to engross my whole mind.

“You’ll catch a cold if you lay there like that without the blanket.” I resisted the wish to touch his hand and feel he wasn’t trembling of fear I sensed in him. It wasn’t his face or eyes that showed he feared me, but I could just feel it.

“No, I won’t.” he shook his head and pulled his cape he’d collected somewhere closer around him. He observed me for a minute and then moved his face closer to me. “Tell me, why you attacked me earlier.” He asked slowly, so quietly there was no way anyone besides me heard it.

“I don’t know…” I whispered, “I think I had a dream again, but I’m not sure, I can’t recall it.

“What do you see in your dream?”

“There is a man with no face, who keeps chasing me until I fall and he falls next to me. He looses his knife and I take it…” well, I figured that was the part I usually acted out because that’s when the real screaming started and the dream ended.

It started raining outside, only small drizzle at first, but it got stronger as time passed. It was so smoothing to listen. I heard Dalek ask something, but I had already drifted in my own dreams, leaving him there, laying next to me.


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