Gale Wenalan


Rare Pearl – main character


Gale Wenalan is not an easy gargoyle to get along with. He has lived most of his life alone, trusting almost no one – not his own clan, not his coworkers, making almost no friends and believing that everybody around him come with some kind of plan to rip him off. This belief is not unfounded though, for his story hasn’t been an easy one.

Gale was born from the second hatching (like second brood). His parents, greedy little bastards as they were, like Gale likes to refer to them, took one of their fourth hatching egg, which was not damaged, but smaller than the others, and took it to the other world, on Earth, where they had our sun turn it into marble like ball.

They planned to sell it on black market for high price. It has been done before, but never like that – the eggs, if hurt, go in hibernation on their own and they are treated like their dead relatives, like they should be. However, when the dragons discovered them, graver robbers began hunting for them and selling them. Never had it been before that parents themselves would choose an egg not hurt and freeze if forever in hibernation.

When Gale found out about this, he fought for the egg and eventually took it away from his parents, mourning the loss of his brother, and is banished from the clan. At least he knows he is banished, he had has no desire to return or warm up any connections to them whatsoever after sixteen years on his own, living quietly, doing odd jobs.

He hates dragons, because they are the ones, who were willing to buy the eggs and, as he sees it, gave cause for his parents to take up such crime.

At the moment he works in a large firm as bookkeeper.


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