Rare Pearl – main character


Accark is a dragon, who is creamy on the edges and fluffy like a cockatoo. He reminds a bit Japanese dragon, because his scales, the smaller ones on his nose and face are like thick, strong feathers rather than made of chitin. He has two larger horns that match his creamy white scales, which are actually a combination of smaller horns that, if he wants, he can open up like umbrella and use to intimidate his enemies. If he feels good, he unknowingly jingles them against each other.

He is northern dragon and he can manipulate water as well, just like Gale can. Only instead of cleaning it, he can make it into mist, turn the entire lake size of water into thick fog or mix it into ice. However, Assarck particularly has hard time being soaked into water. Probably because of his feather like scales, which soak the water in and won’t let it go easily. At the same time, he can easily overheat. If he does, he opens his main and moves it back and forth like elephants do with their ears.

Accark has wings, and is able to fly, but it takes forever to clean them, for differently from gargoyles, he has to do it like birds – thoroughly and constantly. Grooming is very important part of his day. So, to keep them cleaner in city environment, he mostly has them covered under his long coats.

Dragons are stronger than gargoyles. They are often larger than the gargoyles and thus can lift more. However, if the gargoyle would attack, they would not have much upper hand due their larger shape, which isn’t always easier to move around.

He is very impulsive and that often gets him in trouble, especially because of his big mouth. He also loves treasures, like every dragon, but he likes something rare more.

He works together with Gale in the accounting firm and is supervisor accountant on the floor Gale works. Despite knowing the gargoyle’s dislike towards the dragons, he still seeks his companionship. Mostly because the man doesn’t fear him. There are other dragons working on the floor too, but he fears them a bit, feeling inferior towards them because of his size. In reality he isn’t the smallest dragons there, but for some reason, they still intimidate him. Oddly, Gale hates them, yet tolerates him. And for that he is grateful – to be treated equally, not feared nor put in higher position due his lineage. Dragons are always thought to be more than they might be in reality.

He is close to 400 years old and he has an old palace he was gifted long, long time ago in Azmar, but when he discovered Gale’s secret, he moved in the apartment building Gale lives to be closer to that secret, because it is just what he has been seeking for and he can’t resist his urge to be near it, even if he is never allowed to touch it.



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