**News from LC Aisling** 20/06/2016

Hello readers!

Today I am very proud to tell you about two books that are coming out at the same time.

They are two sides of the same coin, Maiden Wreath starting as a free book in English that will be available on the homepage and will continue on Mondays for the upcoming month, just as the editing is done.

The second book, Neitsipärg, is the same book in Estonian will be available on Amazon shortly. You can read the excerpt on the homepage.

Neitsiparg WP jaoksNeitsiparg eesti k WB


Laurien promises gods that she’ll marry whoever her family chooses for her. In 10th century Halland, that’s how it should be. However, when they decide on Dalek, a Dane, she finds it hard to keep to her promise. With Midsummer’s Eve just around the corner, she tries to get her life back together and see more in her future husband than just the old demons.

At the same time the Friday Flash Fiction continues with new chapters each Friday together with Vaalade Tants, which is Estonian story that has new addition each Wednesday and other small posts will appear over the time as well .

Thank you for visiting and have fun!

L.C. Aisling


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