Safehouse – chapter 26


You can make a better life here,” I assessed the large cave we were sitting in. “Don’t tell me you haven’t started over before!” It was no hotel, but I felt better here than I had ever felt in the dormitory. I saw it as upgrade in scenery. My eyes fell on Thorwald seated against the front post, looking so serene and I knew that at least for a while I will enjoy any place as long as he was near by.

Don’t judge situation you’ve never been in!” Celik slammed his fist on the table, making the glasses jump.

I gazed at Celik for a long moment. Then I got up and left. I could still hear them from the corner of the room signed for me until I was there.

Mya continued stirring her last coffee. “She has.” I could see Celik’s face turn to the administrator. “Things happened. She’d probably do it all over again though.”

Yeah, but the reality now as that I had no where to test that theory out, because there was no way I could return to my world. But I wasn’t worried about it. Instead the thought brought sly smile that warmed up my features in a sick way. I wasn’t going in jail for ten years. Instead I had this here, in the middle of the forest, no computers and no problems waiting to be solved.

You need help?” I offered, taking the small knife from my belt Thorwald had provided me with before going to sleep. It had nice curve in the end and it bent a bit, which Thorwald tested out immediately on a fish he caught on the way. Just to show off, as Bascun declared, but I didn’t care.

Can you cook?” Lisanne asked from near the fire.

I looked at her and grinned. “Yeah. I don’t break a pan.”

How come it came through? “ Bascun asked suddenly, still frowning. He had been deep in thoughts for more than five minutes, glancing my way every now and then from the makeshift hammock they’d got up in the back of the cave.

What came through?” I wasn’t paying attention and he hopped off the bed, walking closer.

The safe – it was covered with all the necessary marking!”

Door wasn’t.”

So when he shook the safe, the cover fell off and when the time relay ran to the end…”

I nodded.

Oh, you clever monster!” He punched my shoulder, before walking over to Helena. “That is the most insane thing I’ve seen anyone do in a long time!” he slapped her shoulder.

Well, at least he wasn’t’ calling me Little Rat anymore, I sprang from the glass bowl heading my way and cringed listening it break into thousand little pieces against the kitchen wall.

I wondered if I should change their minds about the name. I still failed to tell my name to Thorwald before he fell asleep again and now, with nothing left from the old place except the clothes on my back, it felt like old forgotten history. Little Rat. It didn’t sound that bad?

Hey, human girl,” Bascun returned and crouched near enough so he could ask me quietly enough, “why is he calling you Little Rat all the time? You have a very nice name of your own.”

I sly smile dug on the corners of my lips. “I haven’t told him yet.”

Will you ever?”

I shook my head. “No. I think I kind of like the new name.”

He nodded and I turned back to cleaning what seemed to be genetic offspring of spinach and carrots. I doubted I’d ever grow to like that thing.

When will he wake up?” I asked quietly, eyeing the large statue on the edge of the cliff.
Bascun shook his large head and sighed. “I don’t know – could take months.”

Has he slept so long before?”

Heh, no. Celik gets him up every other week to help out. He’ll wear him out like that. But I haven’t seen him so beat up since we were teens.”

All this hell because of one bastard…”

Darling, you got him free from a contract he would have been part of until end of his life! Now he can sleep few months peacefully and then give you a proper kiss!”

I nearly cut my finger. “I’m not discussing that!” I announced, but probably too loud, because Celik pricked his ears from where the four youths were kicking each other’s asses and looked in my direction. I glanced up, took his question in stride and, after failed attempt of being completely indifferent, continued peeling the spinach carrot while Bascun did his best to disappear from my site. He might not be under my contract any more, but he understood quickly that I could be as thorny as Thorwald and we indeed made a proper pair in similarities.




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