Safehouse – chapter 17


How the hell do you know this?” Mya demanded, but the goblins started to back away. I quickly cut their way off.

It’s not important!”

Try me!” It took her mere second to cock her bow again and this time two arrows were pointing at the traitor’s chests.

Griffin ordered!”

Then again, when to look at it this way…

I stepped between her and the two greens and slowly pushed her arrows aside. “I have a better idea!” I tried with her.

The bow hand snapped back, pushing me aside and was again pointed at them.


On the dark moon.”

We don’t have much time!” she let the bow down and while she was busy thinking the info over, I turned to the two master traitors.

I want a contract with you!” I pointed my finger at them.

This isn’t the time!” Mya protested, but I shook my head.

Not that kind of a contract!” Then turned back to the duo. “You have paper and pen?”

The older one let out a sigh and grudgingly produced the asked items and held them out to me, using his document covers as the table.

I wrote six lines on the paper, then turned it around and presented him the paper.

I can’t sign this!” he protested, eyeing me back.

Oh yes you can! This isn’t going against your boss! This is an agreement between you two and me! You do not sign this and I can promise you this world will not be safe for the two traitors that you are! I will not be the one, who tells Griffin about your digression, but I want it in writing that you won’t either!”

He let out a very loud and disapproving humming before he reluctantly wrote his name under it and handed it over to the younger goblin to do the same.

Then I took the paper from their little fingers, folded it together and hid it in the back pocket on my jeans and started down the corridor with Mya following behind.

You’re just as paper nut as they are!” she snapped, but her curiosity won her over. “What did you write?”

It only will do if they keep to it!”

They are very loyal, actually,” she started, but I cut her off.

That’s what might be the problem.”

No, they are loyal to the papers.”

Which is odd as they aren’t loyal to your laws?” I was not having the illusion of them not betraying us, but I hoped they’d mull it over before running straight to Griffin.

Why are you doing this?” she asked, trying to keep pace with me. “What’s on that paper?”

It’s an illusion.” I defined the tiny promise and hit the paper in her lap. I hadn’t locked the door after I left and thus walked straight in, starting to toss things in the bag I thought I might need for few days, wrapped my large brown scarf around my neck and put the coat on.

Where are you going?”

Right now – I haven’t the slightest clue.”

She read the lines from the paper. “They won’t keep this promise forever.”

I don’t think they will, but as long as they do for two days, that’ll be enough.”

You’re insane.”

Yeah, well… I have few days left in free world, so I might as well do something with that time.”

I had finished packing and was looking at her, expecting her to pick the hint herself.

She didn’t. “Do what?”

Stop Griffin?” I offered. Hint, hint, darling! Get to it!

She stared me down like a mother ready to ruffle the feathers of a young chick. “Just like that?” she asked and I shrugged. “Out of the blue you decide you want to stop the guy?”

Well, keeping gargoyles alive would be a nice touch, too, but yeah – I don’t want him in my world.”

You’re mad!”

No, I –” She was probably right. “Maybe a little.”

I could just take a message to Celik and they will relocate their nest!” She pointed out, waiting my response as if she’d just put me in place. Well, maybe a little.

The bastard will cost me my freedom. I’d like some prepaid revenge, if I may?”

She couldn’t hide her smile despite trying to look serious. “I work for him too, you know?”

I guessed as much.”

And you still want me to betray my boss?”

I got the impression you’re not keen on having him in this world either?”

Have you seen him?” she asked, dramatically impersonating his wings.

Yes. He looks gorgeously butter cream cake, but it’s his personality I’m worried about.”

Even after one minute meeting?”

It’s not so much what he did during that meeting as what we faced after that meeting.” This was getting old. “Do you take this questioning into the morning or you will get me access to your world?”

Her eyes widened adorably, but she didn’t say anything after that. She didn’t even call me after her, but I followed her still and soon we stood in front of the gate with her phone thingy pressed against the lock.

Who is Celik?” I asked her before the door opened.

Wide grin pulled her lips in perfect shape of her bow and her eyes decorated the already crazy smile with sparkly wink. It was chilling.

You really have no clue, who you’re running to save, do you?”

No, I didn’t, but instead of admitting it, I squared my shoulders to defy her opposition.

Don’t worry, I ain’t holding you back. That I want to see…”

She went through first and I swore under my breath, but now I was a bit curious as well of who they really were and as she wasn’t put her hand out to stop me, I might as well take the chance.



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