Safehouse – chapter 16


The gate sizzled shut and the light in the room died, leaving me face to face with Mya and her mighty bow.

You’ve got some nerve!” she hissed, pressing me further back.

I –”

In your place, I’d shut up!” She warned and I felt the arrow scratch my nose. She had pulled it so tight out, I decided it was best not to startle her. “How dare you enter my world after all your screw ups? You’re walking disaster, that’s what you are!”

Hey! Miloard pulled me in!” I tried to defend myself. “I didn’t come myself!”

OH, I know! You couldn’t come unless related to us!”


Turn around and walk away!”

Mya, I just…”


The tone of her voice left no double understanding. I raised my hands higher and pulled back.

I pushed the doors apart and through them with her close behind, when we both came to a sudden stop and eyed two small figures passing us by.

Six hundred eighty seven documents!” one of the goblins said with anguish. “The birth certificate is the easiest, but all his money?”

I frowned, my hands falling down, eyes fixed on the two green splotches.

His finances are the hardest. We should have started trading between our worlds decades ago, we could now exchange it instead of sporting everything up with gold!”

I glanced at Mya’s panicking face. Her eyes were wide and desperate, her nostrils were working overtime and her chest was ventilating so hard, I feared she’d get a heart attack.

I didn’t think I was in much better state, besides the fact that I felt anger eat me up alive.

Griffin is mad! But the bird loves gold…”

The older goblin’s ears ticked and fell before his two large eyes landed in ours.

Could you…” I swirled my finger, “elaborate on what you just said?”

It’s a human!” the older one whaled and my shoulders slumped with it.

Oh, he already knows.” I pointed at the younger goblin, who sheepishly tried to look anywhere else but at us. Mya’s eyes flew on me. “Oh yes, meet the guy, who introduced me to your world!” I crossed the arms and waited her to start yelling at the green man.

She didn’t, she only clasped her bow together, flapped her hands helplessly and howled “WHY?” Then she turned to the miniature monster. “Why?”

The older goblin didn’t seem impressed either.

Griffin’s orders.” The older one turned suddenly, answering her before the younger one could open his mouth. He wasn’t lying.

We have strict orders from the Lord Council not to get involved with humans and Griffin ordered you to still go and get humans involved?”

I am not here to discuss his orders!”

Yeah, but you are subject to Lord Council! You have the right to refuse his orders if it goes against the law! You could end up in jail for this!”

The goblins remained silent on that outburst, but their ears flattened against their meager hair. “We don’t have to care about that anymore.”

He plans to change sides and move in this world.” The younger one submitted quickly and was immediately pulled back by a knock on his head.

I felt goose bumps climb up the spine and in mere second I came to conclusion that the last thing this world needed was lying double faced son of a bitch, who…

Why would he want to live here?” The question was voiced by Mya, but we both wanted to know. “What, he plans to bring us all over?”

It would be hard to hide some of you.” I nodded towards their green faces, remembering the large wings flashing past my eyes. “Including his own large pair of wings. Humans are not used to having winged crea…”

No!” The younger one got all riled up. “Who says he’s bringing the half breed over? Miloard was suppose to organize their slicing up so we wouldn’t have to deal with the gargoyle punch again!”

It was out before the old goblin had time to shut him up and we stood there all for a moment, shoulders slumped, dumbfounded by what we just heard.



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