Safehouse – chapter 5


There was loud soprano singing opera on the first floor. Usually that was a sign to leave whoever had got there first alone – for those, who didn’t mind company usually kept their mouths shut. Today I couldn’t do that. I had finally got a job interview and despite knowing deep in my heart that wouldn’t start covering even small part of the fine, I was hoping it would at least leave a good impression on the government and they would give me more time to collect the money.

I used my back to push the door open. The key was hanging in front of it with small orange label. It smelled of chloride, but whatever was thriving between the wall tiles seemed to be used to that, because the soft slushy feeling under our feet – it wasn’t always the mat.

The song was loud and made my ears ring together with the thin walls separating it from the corridor and the men’s bathroom next door. The woman’s washroom looked cleaner and the tiles ran higher than the other one. There were two orange chairs placed in front of them, like waiting for the peepshow about to happen.

The tiny little mirror above the missing tile line was the only shiny element in the common bathroom. Either that or water pooling up in the corner.

The singing stopped abruptly. “What?” The pretty admin demanded eyes straight in mine. “I’m washing! You blind?”

“No-no. Just…” I hurried to set my towel and toothbrush on the sink next to her, turning my attention on the latest addition on the wall. Or better say – through the wall as there was now an arm’s length full of a hole in it.

“Privacy, please?”

“I can’t – have to be somewhere by ten. I’m a girl, you’ll live.”

I battled not to stare at her tanned tiny hourglass. Her breasts were pressed against her knees while she fitted her laced butt on the metal edge of the sink and scrubbed the toenails with the brush. She was so perfect I couldn’t help but admire her striped autumn colored hair bobbed up on her neck while her almond eyes focused on the task in hand.

You’re staring!” she reminded me with low grunt and I snickered like a teenager before blushing and looking at her frown through the mirror.


Concentrate on your teeth, not my butt!”

It was an order I was willing to at least attempt to fill. However, soon I found my eyes still wondering over that naked back and the backbone edging out near her hips before disappearing under the brown lace. I looked away only moment before her brown eyes lashed up for new reprimand.

I was about to answer her with something bright, when we both heard door open on the men’s bathroom and a large face appeared through the wall hole.

This is the greatest day ever!”

I grabbed my toothpaste and smacked the peeper before blocking the hole with my towel.

That’s why she was singing, I realized and blushed.

Better you than me!” She stretched her back and climbed out of the sink. Her legs looked endless. She really was perfect! Then she snorted. “I would get fired if I hit a student!”

I just happened to turn around.” I tried the excuse on my tongue. “He was looking in the same direction and we collided.”

You’re conspiring!” the boy shouted, but then the shower on his side was turned on.

A sly smile lightened her features and she reached her wet hand out. I shook it quickly and left, stuffing the ends under the still remaining tiles.

I’m Mya.”


You’re new here?” She dried her hands and offered me the towel. I followed her lead. The moment she got it back it splat on the floor and she began drying her feet.

Yes, moved in a week ago.”

Then you don’t know the unwritten rules yet?”

Like what?”

For starters, if somebody is singing – not blasting their music, but singing, this means you do not disturb them.”


Her eyes were looking for something funny in the upper corner of the room, but I couldn’t see anything but thickly white painted pipes.

Let’s put it this way – if you hear two voices singing duet with out of beat drum – never intervene!”

Second rule…”

Keep the doors locked, unless it’s a toilet.” I counted, remembering the blond girl from the kitchen.

She looked up, alarmed. “What’s with the toilets again?”

No doors.”
“Oh. Ok, then I’ll avoid your floor for a while.”

How nice.” I couldn’t help but note.

What about two shouting and no singing?”

She paused her activity and glanced up. Light flickered in her brown eyes and I knew she was aware of the couple I was talking about. The white shirt looked too old to be a student. Familiar can recognize familiar – as if out of place ray of light. I huffed, remembering his eyes that literally shined in the even limited daylight, but coughed then and cleared my head from the memory. The fighting had got intense last night and I didn’t like it anymore.

You’re worried for them?”

They kind of…” How to put it politely? “Rock the night?” I felt flushed, both because I was suddenly aware that I was moaning to admin that wasn’t at work and that I was snitching on someone. “I’m just… are they ok? It doesn’t sound normal!”

“We’re keeping eye on them, don’t worry.”

Before or after one of them ends up dead?”

Her eyes flashed with sudden anger, but she kept her calm and breathed out, before responding. “We suggest you don’t get involved – such things always get worse if someone else gets between them. I assure you, they will be fine in short while. We’re separating them, but it will take time.”

I nodded.

Didn’t you have somewhere to be?” she reminded me.

It took me a moment to get what she was hinting at. “I was? Oh! I was!”



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