**News from LC Aisling** 05/05/2016

Hi readers!

I am glad to present to you a new novel of mine, Gargoyle series’ first book. As I have planned to set this book up as free book, because  it will be the first book of a longer series, I am putting it up also on my homepage so those, who do not use Kindle can also read it here.

gargoyle amazon finished

Selene Ferguson is falling off the wagon. Her life has taken step for the worst and now she shares her living space with rats, cockroaches and a singing neighbor, who wakes up at three. Not to mention the odd pair two doors left, whose colorful arguments rock the small community every passing hour for the past two days.

Enter – a goblin! With simple enough task for the lady – open a box and get paid for it. Selene is no simpleton to forget the mistakes of Pandora, but with money running out faster than sand through the fingers, she decides to close her eyes and just do it. She doesn’t know what this little box is for and little does she care.

Until the distraction that box was suppose to create in the hall is suddenly hunted down by a gargoyle…

You can find the main page in the READ FOR FREE section on my homepage or follow the cover image link that takes you straight to the story. The chapters come in sets of 5 over the next month, just as the editing ends.

Have fun!

L.C. Aisling


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