Fraternity Party

Story from a dream. A young woman is put in charge for a party she doesn’t organize and she doesn’t have any other choice, but to deal with it.


It was an odd place. It was in an old part of the town with lots of art deco styled houses. Dorms were all next to each other and they looked like old houses of that style had been put in use as dormitories. The houses always had little old shop department downstairs, which was used for gatherings, and apartments upstairs that were used to house students. All the downstairs shops were different, the doors and front windows all had different style entries, but they were all in art deco style.

I was dressed in very pink flowery gown that only reached my knees. My hair was all curled and also had pink fabric flowers. Very different from the rest of the punch, but I felt good in it.

We were having a party and people were dressed in art deco style, in 1920s and in modern – all in mix. It was quite late. I think we were close to finishing as some of us were already cleaning up the cups.

Suddenly we heard a knock on the door and I opened it up. There were about 30 students from our friend-fraternity. Their university was 2 hours drive away over the border. They had champagne and they pretty much crashed in our party and the short party we planned suddenly went on in full power.

There was particularly one figure that caught my eye. He was tall, dressed smart, in light brown velvet, very long rainbow colored scarf and a cap in style of his velvets. He had curly hair, lighter I think – it was always darker place where I noticed his features or hair – and always carrying around big back bag. I let him put the bag in the janitor’s closet, which I closed with a key.

Few hours later, which went like in haze, it was time to find sleeping place for them, so I went to the fraternity leader, who had never even been to the party. I knocked on her door and tall, model-featured blond girl opened it for me.

I haven’t organized this party,” she said to my request, backed up with all the 30 students behind me, “I will not have my night disturbed with this. Our existence is already in doubt – I can’t look like hell tomorrow when I face them!”

What do you mean you didn’t call us?” the curly hair asked. I was just as shocked.

I haven’t organized this! I got the letter too – it was signed with S. The only other person with S is standing right here before your eyes so I suggest you turn to her! She made it – she’s responsible for this mess!”

I knew that I had not organized the party, but this was all turned to my neck weather I liked it or not. I just had thought it was her organized, because this wouldn’t be the first time she’d done something without letting rest of us know.

You’ve got to call your driver,” I started, turning around.

I can’t.” he said.

You can’t stay here either – we haven’t got room for you!”

The bus goes in the morning, we are staying!” He was really angry and I felt his rage piling up, stubbornness included.

Call your driver!” I ordered. “I have not organized this and will not…”

Look!” he turned me around instead and pointed at the man gurgling down his probably fifth beer. “That’s our driver! We are not leaving before morning!”

But you can’t stay!”

I. Don’t. Care! You made the mess – clean it up! I don’t care how you do it, we are not leaving before morning!” he announced, yelling to my face, but nobody even turned their heads and walked away, disappearing in the crowd.

Our leader banged the door shut and I was suddenly left with 30 students and no place to put them. Though I felt fever crawling up my cold-wrecked body (because the downstairs room was cold in nights), I turned to them and announced that in that case we have no choice but to accompany them with our own rooms! Small as they were. There were few grunts, but in the end we had everybody but 3 guys accommodated. I also called through all the hotels. I saw a side camera view of me frantically calling on my pink mobile and not getting answers I wanted, which made me walk circles in the small area while holding my head, near crying to find the place for them, but all places were full. I felt so sick inside facing them, one being the curly hair, but they instead just shrugged, him glaring me down and walked out in the ugly March weather in the bus stop.

I felt even worse. The public bus to their town came early in the morning, around 9 and there was still 6 hours left. I wasn’t living in the dorm here, I was living in the dorm next door, but my place was very tiny and I knew that if I’d take them… I didn’t finish my thought, but went to the guys in the bus station (the study type and 2 clowns dancing around) and handed the smart one my keys. I told them where to find it and walked away, wearing still the same dress, but adding light coat to it and now pressing it against me, because it was very damp and cold outside. I didn’t tell him it was my apartment, the view changed and it went from me to sky. It showed me how he stood there and watched me leave before his fellows landed on him like apes and he turned, taking them to the door, his gaze now fixed on my keys.

The next hours were cold and damp and I walked through the city. Wondered and wondered. It was an odd old town. The streets went weird from one end to another – there was even a street that was so small I couldn’t press myself through the two houses that had fallen against each other. You could see the street and the end on the other side, but you couldn’t get there. Yet it was clean and sunny from the other end. I suddenly knew it was morning. And with that sense I also knew how to save our little fraternity and how to connect it with our friend-fraternity.

The scene changed and I saw a small apartment, which I recognized as mine. There were two mattresses placed on the floor and the two clowns were fast asleep there, covered with the makeshift sheets and blankets. The curly hair was on my bed, sitting up. He couldn’t fall asleep and he rose up to look around. He looked on my night table and saw a framed picture standing there. He took it and watched it. It was still dark, but I could understand that he was really agitated and angry at himself. I felt desperate need to make up for his previous burst of anger. I think he realized then that it was my apartment and that the girl with two men on the photo was me.

The scene changed back to me. I rushed back and found the entire group in the bus-stop. I saw also a limo and our fraternity head going in there. I ran to her and sat in the limo too. I told her that I know how to save our fraternity, that we are on the edge of creating something great and that we should place our hope in creating a tradition of events that both universities’ fraternities take place – a common ground so to speak. But she then said that it wasn’t about that, this meeting, that it was her introducing herself to the board of both universities as our leader and it was up to her to announce that our fraternity wasn’t working out or bringing anything in. She pushed me out of the car and as she drove away I saw four letter boxes rising on the tall house near by and in the lights of dawn I saw her name (started with S like mine) splash through the concrete.

I was lost. I knew ours would be closed if compared with the other group, but then the guy called for me, the one, who had got my keys. He ran to me, grabbed my hand and pulling me with him. “Come on!” he said.

He pulled me to the rest of the group and they all agreed I could go with their bus. They like knew what I was up to, because one girl, who was wearing dress like I knew I had in my closet, offered me suddenly my band, a necklace and I started feverishly cleaning my appearance. He pushed me on the bus and told the driver to hurry. The driver looked surprisingly cleaned up.

The curly hair pushed me on the backseat and I explained them what I had figured out and I was determined to present this to the board before our current head got us closed down by pushing on our non-existing traditions or lack of symbols as we were just beginning group and we didn’t even have a house to operate from.

They listened and nodded and it made me feel much better.

You can’t go with that dress!” the girl wearing mine told me. “I borrowed it from you, got mine little… puked on… Want to change?”

I was speechless, but I don’t even know why. Was it the puking part, him giving her the dress, as she didn’t look like someone, who would go through the place herself. Anyway, I agreed. Guys dutifully turned their backs to us and we quickly swapped the dresses. I redid my hair to look more official while someone I hadn’t even known was re-fasting my boots, my feet firmly in his lap. The finishing touch was someone’s plum red coat that was given to me by some girl from the front that suited the dress.

We got there in dark and I already saw her name having the same go-up-explode-from-underground effect on the theater hall. But the moment our bus stop there, with most folk driving on, I saw that three letters were replaced and my name was exploded out from the concrete, but I didn’t think of it at that time, but ran in with him and few others with me, including the girl, who was now wearing my flower gown.

I ran straight to the stage and ran on it and had my speech.

She was shocked, our head of our fraternity. She stared me down with her look and the board was quite angry for such interruption, but I kept my place and told them of all the ideas I had got while walking through the night.

They nodded finally and started talking with each other now, leaving us on the stage.

May I speak?” we suddenly heard from the back and the velvet guy stood up. He wasn’t wearing his hat anymore, the back bag was laying next to others.

The board seemed to know him and they even smiled, which made me feel even worse, considering the last night’s fiasco with accommodating them.

I would recommend her” and he pointed at me “to be the head of their fraternity. We didn’t have the traditional naming games or anything, but after the night was over we all know each other at least by faces. Their current head didn’t even bother to deal with the problem we had caused, leaving her to deal with giving us place for the night. She not just found us the places, but she spent the night walking on the streets while she had given us her small apartment as the last resort.“ he paused and said quietly so only the board heard him and they snorted and added with good strong voice: “She has already discussed the future ideas with me and my board and we agree with the ideas. With her leading the fraternity has a chance to survive and our fraternity will back them up at all costs!”

I blushed harsh and felt sick. He was the leader of the other fraternity and up to now I hadn’t even thought about it. I hadn’t even bothered asking, who was their leader.

The board said we should leave now, all of them, and we went out from the hall. He set himself right behind me and when we got out, he pushed me away from others, his back bag, coat and hat tangling from his hand. The girl in my dress giggled weirdly and pushed others in other direction, causing them all to glance back curiously.

You know, we, leaders, must keep together,” he suddenly whispered to me, “there was enough space in bed for you to join us next time.”

I snorted, feeling relaxed first time the entire day.


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