Gargoyle – supporting character


Mya is a fearsome night watch in a dormitory that is as rundown as one can get without being torn down yet. Most of her time there is still spent on reading and dealing with her own life while the house lives its own life.

She is not really human, but the amulet she wears around her neck helps her to move from home to work and back. She lives together with 3 other girls and sleeps in a hammock. They live in a huge tree house and she has the top all for herself. That until Thorwald decides to take his healing hibernation there.

When you first see her, she seems very much on protective stance against the world. In truth, she couldn’t be more lost. She is frantically trying to stand on her own too feet and prove her family that they’d leave her alone in it. The rest of the girls come from the streets, from apartment houses and are used to rough life and how to stand up for themselves on the streets or how to answer insults with insults. All of this doesn’t come natural to her. She has been roughing it up since she flew from her home and it works until she loses her position. But because so far she’d met only people, who know, who she was in her youth, she is yet to meet someone, who she can grab on and use as her anchor. Despite that, she is a good friend material and if loyal.

Her weapon is bow. It is no longer common in Hatangy, for times are changing, but that was what she was taught since she was old enough to hold one and thus she has mastered it to the level that she isn’t afraid of using it.


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