Gargoyle – supporting character


In short, Celik is Bishop Clan’s nestbird.

A nestbird is sort of like a clerk, who deals with the trainings, food distribution, organizes the exchanges of youth. If there aren’t enough people in the clan, then one of the council members take over the nestbird obligations, but if there are enough people, then it is a permanent position and usually belongs to the older male or female, who for some reason has become useless as provider and can’t leave the nest anyway.

In Celik’s case, he hurt his leg enough that landing hurts enough that he doesn’t want to fly around any more. So he was set down as nestbird so he wouldn’t have to fly around so much. Plus, when the Bishop clan was working under Griffin, this way Thorwald could keep him out of active duty.

Besides his leg injury he sports a shoulder injury from way back, which creates an uneven shape to his shadow, but otherwise that injury doesn’t bother him at all. Instead he seems more active than all the younger gargoyles in their pack.

He used to be rather rascal when he was young gargoyle, not caring much about clan’s business. He wasn’t trained for it at all, but when he was old enough, it seemed natural for him to take over the paper work and responsibilities. His attitude changed drastically, when he saw the results of them being on the wrong side in continental war. What started off as wish not to find his one and only and just fool around soon turned into understanding that they were in reality on the verge of extinction. Unless the nestbirds put their heads together and tried to change things.

When he was created, one of his major influences was indeed Jack Nicholson -smarts combined with wickedness equal to devils.



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