Gargoyle – supporting character


The perfectly tailored gray suit and sleeves with pair of emerald cufflinks that scream against the strange subtle background matched with the large peridot signature ring decorating his left hand. That’s the first impression you get, when you meet this huge, delicate beige creature, who in his most basic form is indeed nothing more than a griffin. He has large chest, a feather-fur mix floating around his neckline before it changes into perfect head of beige-gray eagle with pair of large tufts of feathers that form behind his ears  which later become one with the enormous feathers on the back of his head. All accompanied by pair of large softly shuffling pair of wings he mostly keeps closed on the back with the ends crossing each other, each running through other’s feathers, turning the entire back into plaid of gray and beige. They shine.

He could be seen as cruel, calculating man, who cares nothing of emotions, when it comes to business. He is not friend of his employees and that’s the way he likes it. He gives no such inclinations, but he gladly uses every such mistake for his advantage.

But like every other feline, which griffins are in this series, he is very curious creature and he can’t help but love something that is shiny and different, something new.



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