Rasner Clan


Rasner clan can be recognized by their close to black wings, dark hair and large bodies and thick necks. their skin is far darker than others, close to coal in some cases. Because of their dark anterior they love decorating their hair with bright colored beads or other things that flash against their darkness.

Rasner clan suffered the most in killing sprees after the war. Currently there are only 5 members left, out of whom 2, twins, are young. Emgar and her sister Aki would be the 7th members of the clan, but Emgar grew up among Bishops and Aki was married into Bishops. Later that changes after Emgar is sent back to Rasners to go through his training, but that’s a story for its own. It isn’t easy to be leader of this small group, for unless Aniue finds them a place in their world, he has to face some rough decisions in the future.


Members of the clan:

Aniue Rasner
Aniue Rasner

(Youth 2) Chester

 Emgar Bishop /Rasmer
Emgar Bishop /Rasner

Rasner Clan's nestbird
Rasner Clan’s nestbird


Aki Rasmer/Bishop
 Small boy

The images belong to their owners and bare no other reason here than to show, who inspired their looks.


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