Bishop Clan


Bishop clan has gray wings and skin, medium size bodies (closer to human in size) and dark to light hair. One would say they look like lighter version of granite, but they also have dark grays run through their family.

They have 55 clansmen, but most of them are scattered over Hatangy. They have about 20 living in the nest – six were in hibernation, so at the time of the stories there are 15 clansmen in total, whom ten are under age.

They stand out among the other clans because there are very few clans where the nestbird is male. Also, the fact that most of the clansmen are not living under the same roof, but are scattered is unusual.

Members of the clan:

Thorwald Warwick Bishop
Thorwald Warwick Bishop – the chief

Bascun Bishop – chief’s brother

Venessy Bishop
Venessy Bishop – chief’s sister

Aki Rasmer/Bishop
Aki Rasmer/Bishop

Tougo Bishop

Celik – the nestbird


Rayford Keron/ Bishop

Sulry Bishop
Sulry Bishop

Youth 1
Youth 1

Youth 3
Youth 2

Girl 1
Girl 1
 Girl 2

The images belong to their owners and bare no other reason here than to show, who inspired their looks.


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