Short history of gargoyles

Visiting Earth. When the gates between the worlds were first open, it was medieval era in Europe. It was night and they were sent through first to check the surroundings. They never returned. When the next night came, others were sent to find them. They found them on top of the churches, frozen, or asleep. They guessed they went up there to see better in the morning’s light, but something in that light triggered their bodies to turn into hibernation against their own will. Later the other creatures tested the sun and who could, infiltrated into human world and they began quiet co-existence.

Hatangy. During that same time, there was a huge war that took place on Hatangy’s ground. It was one of their neighbor against the other and they were the battle ground. Because those wars, each race chose a side as was the tradition, the gargoyles chose one too and they lost. After the war they faced annihilation and in order to avoid the complete genocide, they were forced under rules and those, who followed were allowed back to the society, where they worked their way up by doing jobs others didn’t like. Fact that they can be fiercely loyal if certain “way” is used was helpful, too.

Nowadays they are still afraid of the society and keep mostly to themselves. They try to work up their lives and expand their numbers, thus the keen work on exchange programs.  They are now working mostly as protectors, hired bodyguards, hired lawmen (retrieving criminals, etc.), and pretty much doing any jobs that require muscle that doesn’t think. They aren’t stupid nor uneducated, but it is easier if their owners think they can’t go against them.


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