Anatomy and physiology of gargoyles


Gargoyles are, as the name suggests, creatures who look human, but who carry a pair of large leather wings on their back. They attach on their scapulae, which are far larger than humans have. They look similar on first glance, but each clan has their own shape and colors which run through their bloodlines. Their skin tone is similar to their wings, thus if the gargoyle has dark gray wings, then his body carries similar undertone throughout his body.

Because their upper back is forced to carry much larger weights than the humans, their musculature is bigger too, with rather thick necklines and stronger hands and feet. However, those wings don’t provide them enough strength to completely rely on them and they use wind flow to carry them and slide freely.

They harness their wings when they enter Earth realm for easier hiding. Because they have no ways to shift nor hide them through cloaking or in any other means, they have to rely on natural shadows to do it for them. So they prefer standing with their backs in shadows where human eye isn’t sharp enough to make out their wings so easily.

Their feet are built so they have strong thrust to get them off the ground easier, giving them massive speed on take-off. This also makes them a good weapon, which they gladly use, even if it only gives them advantage in attacking. It’s their natural ferocity that makes them unpredictable in their chosen actions. They are stronger in attacking than defending, because attacking means their speed makes their hits heavier and if they push with their legs, it locks their hits. But when they must defend, their wings get on their way if they are backing up and blocking takes more work. As an off note – they have claws which are retractable on their human-like fingers.

Chemistry and physics:

They don’t do magic. Period. Never have, never will.

They do have skills though, which vary from person to person, but in general have the same base – they can manipulate water. It is not power, it is what they are, what they were born with. Some have better skills over it, others less. They can heat it, cool it, clean it. For example they clean all the water handed to them, thus it is impossible to get them drunk or to drug them by water. All gargoyles have that skill and one clan even does it for money.

They don’t tolerate ultraviolet light from the Sun, it burns them, turning their skin into stone, similar to when they hibernate. With the difference that if the exposure is short,  it turns back after they sleep. If they are exposed too long, they turn to stone completely and depending of the day – if the light is at its strongest, it happens fast and is irreversible. The light from their own star does not cause this to happen to them.

Eating habits:

They eat pretty much anything except each other. Most of their diet consisted of fish, for they chose to live near large rivers and lakes, or even close to sea, but since they became nearly extinct and had to move inland and to cities their diet has changed dramatically.  Their drinking liquid is mostly water. They can consume other beverages, but in general they don’t like to mess with it and choose water and even then they clean it themselves.

They are weak to sugar. Not sugary stuff, but sugar.

Life cycle:

Gargoyles are born in feedsack and remain in it for three months after they are born. After incubation period they continue their lives as typical human child would with exception that they are pretty much bottle fed from the start. At first they can’t use their wings. The wings become usable only between ages of 8 and 10, when they are big and strong enough. Although it comes from instincts to fly, they are taught throughout their entire teenage period how to do it more efficiently.

They spend their youths with their clans until the nestbird organizes an exchange between the clans and they leave. They are home schooled or join small schools, but most of their education comes from specializing on something. They love gadgets and technology.

After they males leave their clan, they go through a training period of 3 to 5 years during which they hone their skills and learn a trade or join the work the group does. The females go through a similar training, but they usually do it with the clan they were born in.

The couples pair up some time when they are between 20-50. They pair for life, thus it isn’t easy to find and stay with the one you wish. If one of the partners perishes, the other will seek for a new one, but it isn’t uncommon for them to stay single.

During their adulthood, the gargoyles don’t usually get sick. That’s due hibernation, which turns their body into heavy granite – there aren’t many foreign objects, parasites, viruses or bacteria that can survive this condition. If their body gets hurt they fall into hibernation, which can last from a week to years. They can control it to some extent, but after they have turned, they stay that way until the body deems itself healed or somebody else wakes them up. The body does not develop the ability to hibernate before they come of age, thus if the kids get sick, they still need care and looking after. They can be woken from hibernation only by their own kind.

During the time, when there is not enough food or nothing to threaten them, at least half of the clan is in hibernation all the time. It saves them energy. Those, who are hibernating are cared by nestbird, who also determines the cycle of who is awake and who sleeps. Because this is optional for the clan and not part of their actual cycle, they can choose to undertake it or not.

Hibernation lengthens their life – the time spent in hibernation stills the aging processes, thus because of the hibernation period varying, they aren’t completely sure who is whose grandparents. They can recognize the patterns of blood through their appearance, but as far as inside the clan, they rather avoid that. The only blood relation as of notable in relationship level they recognize, is whose child you are. When they are in their normal form, flesh form, their life goes on and they age normally like humans.



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