Helen Maglori


Coffee Shop – supporting character


She is the reason Evelyn gets fired from her dentist job in the first place. She takes pity on her and when their boss decides to let her, the mother of two – Gustav and
Cathleen – go, Evelyn wants to help her. She goes to their boss and demands justice. Which leads her own dismissal together with her. Her, for they don’t have enough to pay their workers with and Evelyn for her big mouth.

She might be a mother of two, but her husband was not. That’s what  she told Evelyn under confidence and she blurted it out to her boss. It wasn’t so much that her secret came out, it was the fact that she betrayed her, that made her later take up the work offered by Charlotte.

Although at that time she was separated from her husband, for what woman would think of it normal to have her husband come home one morning with a 10 year old girl and say she is his? For ten years he had kept the child secret and that hurt more than knowing that he had another child. Honesty becomes her ideal after that – she demands honesty in everything.

After a while though, she reconsiles with her husband and they continue their living together and over a while she accepts the new child coming over every week-end. She accepts it, because her children accept the child and she doesn’t have the heart to force her out. Let it be so, she decides.

Forgiveness doesn’t come easy to her and as far as grownups are involved, she never forgives their mistakes. She knows she’s not perfect herself, but that doesn’t change how she sees things – outside, she can be friendly, but how far she goes with trusting you again depends highly on how heavy the betrayal was.



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